Neurotic serial cheater husband escorts his wife to an important meeting and humiliates her in front of her coworkers

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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them first hand; used with permission.

My friend was in a horrible marriage when she broke her ankle. She managed to stay home and off her ankle for about a week before returning to work. On the first day back to work, she had an important meeting to attend. This was a monthly meeting; her job was to take the meeting notes and minutes and then go back to her office, where she would type up the minutes and email them to the attendees.

Since she couldn't drive due to her broken ankle, her husband told her he would attend her meeting with her. So naturally, this was a huge red flag for my friend because anytime her husband went somewhere with her, she would be humiliated.

At 7:00 am, her meeting was slated to start at a local restaurant. She arrived plenty of time; however, her husband kept her in the car until five after 7:00 am, lecturing her on how to behave during her meeting (she was the secretary and was required to take meeting notes). Finally, she got out of the car, entered the restaurant, and went to her designated seat. Her husband made a grand entrance into the meeting and said "Welcome everyone" quite loudly as if he was in charge of the meeting. He then purposefully sat down in the meeting leader's chair at the head of the table. The meeting leader asked him to move, and he refused, stating he was comfortable.

Things went from bad to worse when her husband announced that he would need to meet with several of the women who were in attendance in private. To say my friend was mortified would be an understatement. In the middle of the meeting, her husband stood and went over and stood behind another woman in the meeting and began to massage her shoulders.

At this point, my friend and most of her coworkers, including the woman her husband was massaging, left the meeting venue and a friend took her to another friend's house. A few days later, my friend filed for a divorce. My friend had a room full of witnesses that her husband was not behaving appropriately.

I applaud my friend for keeping her cool, especially in front of her coworkers. I don't think I would have allowed things to go that far, but my friend was very religious and believed that her wedding vows were more important than how she was being treated. I'm afraid I have to disagree with her mindset on this; however, we are still good friends. What do you think? Would you put up with such behavior? I certainly wouldn't.

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