Co-worker spiked sandwich so lunch thief will stop stealing lunches

Lefty Graves

** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

Working at a large corporation can have its pros and cons. One of the major cons was becoming a huge issue among my co-workers. Someone was stealing lunches out of the refrigerator. Since we only had 30 minutes for lunch, this was quite annoying. We had to spend part of our time searching for another lunch, usually at a fast food place packed full of other people in quest of a lunch.

Time and again, lunches were being stolen out of the break room refrigerator. We tried all sorts of things, from labeling our lunches to keeping an eye on the break room, to no avail; we couldn't catch the lunch thief.

One morning, one of my co-workers had finally had enough, and she decided to fight fire with fire. She prepared two lunches and kept one in a cooler in her car while placing the other in the refrigerator at work. The lunch she left in the break room refrigerator would be quite memorable to whoever the thief was.

My friend had laced her sandwich with not only a few sticks of chewing gum but also made sure to use a lot of hot sauce on the sandwich. Next, she placed a lovely lettuce leaf over the top of a slice of lunch meat and some cheese so that the thief wouldn't see the chewing gum or the hot sauce. Finally, she added a bottle of water and some chips to the mix to balance it.

As lunchtime arrived, my friend ran to her car to grab her real lunch, and we all sat down to dine. Suddenly, one of the guys that worked in the shipping department ran into the break room with sweat rolling down his face.

He grabbed a paper cup from the water dispenser and began gulping copious amounts of water. My friend innocently inquired as to whether or not he was okay. He said he was fine; it was something he had eaten. We all held our laughter in until he left the break room.

The next day the man looked none-the-worse-for-wear. No one mentioned the lunch incident. Then, at lunchtime, my co-worker who had spiked the sandwich opened the refrigerator, and all lunches were present and accounted for.

I worked there for several years, and we never had another lunch stolen. I had to laugh at my friend's creativity. I had worried for a moment that someone could become ill with such a sandwich; however, if you're stealing other people's food, you should probably know what you're getting before you bite into anything! What do you think?

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