Bride flies to the Philippines to learn to cook from groom's mother

Lefty Graves

** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

My friend was very excited when she told me she was getting married in a year. I knew she had been dating the same man for over a year, so I congratulated her. But then, she told me that since he was from the Philippines, there were a few requirements before they could marry.

Upon inquiry, she told me that she would be flying to the Philippines to learn how to cook a proper meal for her future husband. I didn't understand at first why she had to go to the Philippines to learn how to cook. Then, however, she explained to me that his mother would teach her how to cook her future husband's favorite meals.

I took my friend to the airport a few weeks later as she embarked on her adventure. But, unfortunately, she would be gone for at least a month or until she learned how to properly cook 10 of his favorite meals under his mother's tutelage.

My friend returned to the United States after a month in the Philippines and invited all her friends to a special dinner. We arrived at the aroma of a delicious meal we weren't quite sure how to pronounce.

My friend proudly served us rice with some ladled pork with adobo sauce over the top. We also had a delicious salad and a fancy dessert. To say my friend was a good student would be an understatement; my friend had excelled in her "cooking class."

Her future husband beamed beside her at this dinner, and we were all impressed with her newfound cooking skills. Before she went to the Philippines, she could barely make a mug of tea or heat a can of soup. But, his mother had done miracles and turned our dear friend into a chef!

Today, my friend and her husband have been married for several years. She's visited his mother many times and always comes back with more great recipes. I've been known to borrow a few of her recipes when I'm in a pinch for a great dinner and out of ideas.

I wouldn't have ever thought my friend could gain excellent cooking skills, but this mother-in-law is a miracle worker, and I wish I could spend a week with her mother-in-law. I'd never heard of such requirements before marriage, but I like this one. What requirements have you heard of before a wedding?

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