Girlfriend calls wife in error

Lefty Graves

**This article is based on nonfiction by actual events as told to me by my friend; used with permission.

My friend's former spouse wasn't known for his smarts. In fact, he was rather stupid for this particular move. He had a mistress, and she asked him for his cell phone number. Her husband struggled to remember his own cell phone number, which was only one number different than my friend's number.

One afternoon, just as my friend and her husband sat down for lunch, her cell phone rang. She didn't recognize the number but her gut instinct told her to answer it, which she did. The woman on the other end sounded rather startled that a woman would answer the phone. She asked for my friend's husband by name, and my friend asked the woman on the other end of the line what her name was.

My friend handed her husband the phone and told him who it was. He looked very nervous. He answered the phone and immediately got up from the table and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He then turned on the water and the fan. My friend could hear his voice but couldn't make out the words that he was saying.

When he emerged from the bathroom, he handed his wife back her phone. My friend asked her husband who it was, and he hung his head and told her that he had been seeing the other woman for a few weeks. It started as a working relationship and quickly evolved into a romantic relationship.

He begged his wife to forgive and forget, but she reminded him that she had done that the last time so she would forgive but never forget. This made her husband very angry, and he stormed out of the house. By the time he returned to the house, my friend had changed the locks, and his clothing was all bagged up and out on the curb.

She also took him off her cell phone plan and shut down his phone. It was a very bitter divorce, but my friend finally pulled through and can smile again. I think I agree with my friend, I could forgive, but I'm pretty sure I'd never forget such a betrayal. What do you think? Would you forgive and forget? Would you forgive at all?

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