Lincoln County, Washington Sheriff’s Office has a new app

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Lincoln County, Washington, has made it easier than ever before to stay in touch and alert during an emergency. Residents of Lincoln County or anyone who wishes to know what is going on in Lincoln County can now download an app from their favorite app store. Or they can go to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s website here and scan the QR code to stay in touch and know what is happening.

Citizens can also use the app to check the jail roster, find out who is most wanted, report threats in the community or schools, or even praise a deputy, all from the app.

This free app is a great way to find out what is happening in your community. Additionally, this app can be a critical asset for communication between the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and residents or visitors of Lincoln County, Washington.

Everyone is urged to register to ensure they can be alerted regarding emergencies. You can choose the notifications you will receive, including severe weather, community notifications, fire, flooding, immediate evacuations, local area emergencies, civil danger, hazardous materials, and more. You’ll be asked to give them your information, such as contact info and whether you prefer to receive text messages, landline calls (and voicemail), or an email. You’ll also be asked to share your location so that they can tailor messages to suit your needs.

Additionally, crime tips may be submitted through the app, and it’s easy to get in touch with someone for non-emergency situations that may require some advice or some helpful assistance. It’s easy to use and free so if you’re looking for a great way to stay in touch with the local sheriff’s department in Lincoln County, Washington, check the app store or go to their website here and use the QR code.

The sooner you download the app, the sooner you can receive critical messages including inclement weather, situations to avoid, and other pertinent information for Lincoln County, Washington. Alerts will be sent from Lincoln County and will show the following Caller ID number: 877.957.9563. Citizens will be able to call the number back and hear a recorded message as well.


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