Mother’s Maternity Underwear Disappeared Off The Clothesline

Lefty Graves

**This article is based on nonfiction by actual events witnessed firsthand by me; used with permission.

My mother hung her laundry outside to dry after she washed it. My mother liked to do laundry several times each week, so the day she hung her maternity panties out to dry wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, that is, until she went to gather her dried laundry.

As my mother unclipped the clothespins one-by-one, she realized that her maternity panties were missing. She was distraught as these were very comfortable for her due to her increasing size. She checked in the washing machine, and the dirty laundry hampers to no avail; her maternity panties were gone.

My mother was very particular about her laundry. She did laundry several times each week, and our laundry was always hung out to dry. She checked with our neighbors to see if any of them had any laundry missing from their clotheslines, and two of the neighbor ladies also had laundry missing.

The three ladies decided to watch and see if someone was stealing their laundry. The three determined ladies took turns sitting outside, watching one another’s laundry drying. Several uneventful days passed, and all of the laundry was present and accounted for.

One late afternoon, just as it was getting dark, my mother heard a commotion outside. The neighbor lady was screaming, “I’ve got you, you little varmint”...This was followed by a thumping sound. My mother went to the door to see what was going on and saw her friend wielding a broom and swatting at her clothesline.

Stepping out on the porch to lend a helping hand, my mother looked up at the clothesline and saw a raccoon with a silky pair of panties looped over its neck. The shriek that followed sounded through the entire neighborhood, and in moments every door opened, and half the neighborhood was outside to lend assistance.

That poor raccoon didn’t have a chance. The neighborhood ladies chased it down the street with their brooms. My mother hung her underwear indoors to dry after that day. I think that the neighborhood ladies did as well.

Have you ever seen a raccoon on your clothesline? Please share your raccoon story with us in the comments. I wish I’d had my camera handy that day!

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