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Th first Tuesday in April has been set aside as Sexual Assault Awareness Month SAAM. This day of action offers a focus on awareness of how to prevent sexual violence. This day is recognized nationally in the US and observed on the first Tuesday in April so the date will change from one year to the next.

Supporters are asked to wear Teal for this day. You can also get a Teal Ribbon and wear it to note that you’re supportive of the focus on awareness. Most of us, sadly, know someone who has been a victim and survived some form of sexual harassment, abuse, or assault. You can show your support by wearing teal or wearing a teal-colored ribbon.

The goal is to help educated others in regards to sexual assault, abuse, and harassment by helping people learn how to avoid it. People can learn more about boundaries and consent and how important they are to protect everyone. Until people begin to fully comprehend what these boundaries are and how they affect others.

At present, the stigma of sexual assault remains among victims and many won’t report the assault due to the stigma. Until this changes, sexual assault will remain unpunished. Through social media campaigns, events that are being promoted, and the tools and resources that are being offered by their website where people can become more educated and aware of how their actions may contribute to or help protect others.

Other Ways To Participate

  • Host or attend a SAAM event.
  • Change your background on social media to convey that you’re not going to tolerate sexual assault or abuse.
  • Join in with the #30 days of SAAM on Instagram.
  • Wear teal today or wear a teal ribbon all month, this shows that you’re a safe person for a survivor to talk to and that you’re supportive of them.
  • Learn more about boundaries and consent and how they work.
  • Share your own personal story without shame.
  • Share on social media with #30DaysofSAAM, or #SAAMDayOfAction. .

Anyone can be assaulted sexually, however, women are typically nine times more likely to be sexually assaulted than men.

***If you have been the victim of sexual assault or abuse or need immediate help, call the toll free confidential hotline at: 800.656.4673

How will you share your support? Share in the comments.


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