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Spokane, Washington enjoys St. Patrick’s Day Parade after two years and mask mandate lift all in the same day

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As Spokane, Washington’s mask mandate is lifted, crowds soar to the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in two years. Donning their green attire and shamrocks, Spokanites and those from nearby communities are enjoying a rare day out and about without having to wear a mask.

The mask mandate was lifted last night, March 11, 2022, and it’s anticipated that masks will not be required except in medical facilities and a few other select locations.

After two years of mask mandates, many businesses are hoping to return to their normal business routines and no mask requirements. Many businesses were able to remain afloat during the pandemic due to pick-up and delivery services. Unfortunately, a few of our favorites did not survive the pandemic.

As a celebration, crowds have soared to the streets for the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in two years and there are few masks to be seen. Celebrations will continue throughout the day as various businesses are encouraging patrons to visit and enjoy some good food and the first days out of the mask mandate.

Business owners are thrilled to return to running their business and not having to police people wearing a mask. This allows them to interact better with their customers and it’s far easier to understand everyone without a mask covering their mouths while they are interacting.

If someone chooses to continue wearing a mask, that is a personal preference, and business owners are being respectful of those who are choosing to remain masked. It’s also important to remember that covid-19 and variances are still out there so it’s still wise to stay at home if you’re having any symptoms. If you must go out, please, be respectful of others and wear a mask and keep your distance.

Some business owners are choosing to continue wearing masks due to compromised immune systems or other personal reasons. Leaving masks up to the individual seems to be working well in most areas. Some schools are choosing to continue masking up as well to prevent any spread of disease within the student body and staffing.

If you’re tired of staying in and ready to get out and kick up your heels, visit a local restaurant in Spokane or your local Washington town this weekend and enjoy some socialization that’s been sorely lacking for many.







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