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BEST Burger in the Dells

Lee Ricks

The title says it all, but why?

You see, back in the day when I still had facebook, I joined a group called Fatfam. The group was a way for people to share their foodie photos from restaurants or a recipe they made personally. I was aimlessly scrolling away one night (like we all do) and saw a photo posted of a burger and captioned, "Best burger in the Dells!" and mentioned the place (don't worry, I'll tell ya, just read on.)



My disagreement was immediate based on my loyalty for the place I was frequenting at that time. The next day, I made it a point to go examine for myself what led this person to feel they should post this so matter-of-factly.

It was a hot summer afternoon, the end of June in 2021. I walked down "the strip" in Wisconsin Dells, turn the corner to the main entrance, pull the handle and step inside a dimly lit bar. Taken back by how the lighting shift changed the mood that somehow made me forget I was in a bustlin' tourism city.

Greeted promptly, I order a Spotted Cow on tap, the bartender asks me if I need a menu. I reply "no, but I'll place an order". Cheeseburger, raw onion, no side. It arrived on a metal plate (nice touch), with a cup of quality pickles (I was hoping for that), and that Spotted Cow refill was perfectly timed.

I always check a new burger to see if it's a fresh patty, pre-formed, or from-frozen. I also gauge the char level, quality of bun, choice of bread, is it toasted or not? What type of onion did they use? Are the pickles crunchy?

I know I sound like a wannabe Gordon Ramsey.

Maybe someone that's been backstage at a Snoop Dogg concert for an hour and is starting to hear his stomach growl.

I'm aware that I'm coming off as some knock off Dave Portnoy, the beef version.

I understand when you hear this that you may not think that I know what I'm talking about but you don't even bake your bacon.

Still, it's a fair assessment to say that I have taken a lunch experience and went too far with it and a possible insanity diagnosis could be considered simply based on the amount of the time I've spent on this paragraph alone but these things are important when labeling something "The Best".

With that being said, I would formerly like to apologize to the unknown lady from Fatfam for ever doubting her. When she captioned her photo "Best burger in the Dells @chaletlanes" I thought "No way, the bowling alley!?"

Now we're a year later and I still have the same opinion and make it a point to go every chance I get! When I do go elsewhere, I actually order that same cheeseburger, raw onion, no side and haven't found one even close.

Have you ever been to Chalet Lanes? Do you have a place that you think could compete? Leave it in the comments!



Check ya later!

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