Five Ways You Can Prevent Stress Eating While Stuck at Home

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We need to eat to give the body the fuel it needs and get rid of hunger. But sometimes, many people often find themselves emotionally overwhelmed and turn to food for stress relief or comfort.

And if you're in emotional turmoil or bored, you don't go for a healthy home-cooked meal! You will turn to snacks, junk food, or any other comforting unhealthy foods.

Now, considering that we're still in 'Covid times', it's easy for you to deviate from your healthy routine. We all have been forced to self-quarantine and alter our pre-covid lifestyles. With most people working from home, there's quick access to food.

Thus, you may find yourself eating snacks throughout the day, even when you're not hungry.

However, this doesn't mean you deprive yourself of food. You can keep a healthy diet while still stuck at home. You only need to ensure that you're sticking to your healthy diet to the latter.

5 ways to prevent stress eating

During these difficult times, you must take care of yourself.

Yes, staying indoors is stressful and leads to anxiety which can make you overeat.

As a result, we have put together five ways that can help you overcome stress eating. Continue reading to find out!
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Come up with a healthy feeding schedule.

Staying at home doesn't mean you can't create a schedule to eat healthily. If you're working at home, do not order out. Prepare your meal with healthy ingredients. If you prefer three or two meals in a day, stick to that.

Your aim should be to maintain your regular schedule. Since it's easy to deviate from your daily eating habits due to self-quarantine. But it would help if you tried to stick with your everyday eating habits. A good nutritional plan should follow your standard eating routine per your needs.

Get rid of temptations.

Keeping a jar of cookies and a bowl full of candies on your counter makes it easy for you to snack regularly.

It's hard to restrain yourself from overeating and snacks when you have them in plain sight.

Research indicates that visual exposure to high-calorie foods stimulates the striatum. The striatum is a part of the brain that regulates impulse control and can lead to overeating and increased cravings.

That's why it would be best if you kept candy, baked goods, and cookies out of sight.

Still, treating yourself to a cookie won't harm you.

But keep in mind that overeating can lead to mental health problems.
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Drink a lot of water

Self-isolation can be an excellent time to take up good habits, too, like drinking enough fluids.

Staying hydrated prevents you from overeating.

Research indicates that there's a link between the risks of obesity and chronic hydration.

Plus, dehydration can lead to low energy levels, mood swings, and reduced attention span. And these three fuel terrible eating habits.
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Move around

Self-quarantine will reduce your movements and lead to boredom and stress.

Therefore you need to make time for a daily workout routine.

Well, you may feel lost with most of the gyms near you being closed. But alternatively, you could take a hike, walk, jog or try a new workout routine from YouTube.

Research has proven that exercising can reduce your stress levels and boost your moods. And this may reduce your chances of stress eating.


Shop for nutritious foods

When shopping, whether it's at the supermarket or online, build the habit of filling your refrigerator with dense nutrient foods.

Refrain yourself from fatty foods with high-calorie content. Instead, buy foods that will help you reduce snacking.

It would be best if you ate foods full of good fats, proteins, and proteins. A Good example of such food would be; fruits, nuts, beans, and eggs.

These foods will fill you up and prevent you from snacking and overeating.

In summary

As illustrated above, since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, a lot has changed, especially the way we carry out our day-to-day life.

For those forced to stay at home, embrace the above methods to avoid overeating.

Of course, it's been a stressful period, and it's not over yet. Deviating and ordering out your favorite snack is not bad.

However, do not let anxiety and stress overwhelm you to the point of overeating and not taking care of your health.

I hope the suggestions above will help you maintain your healthy eating habits and other aspects of your life.


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