'The One That Got Away' Updates with Nigel and Allyssa: Where Are They Now?

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Prime Video is shaking things up this Summer by debuting a hot new dating show where six singles experience several blasts from the past -- and all in the name of finding love on "The One That Got Away." Hosted by singer-songwriter Betty Who, the experiential dating series gives participants a second chance at exploring missed connections from the past, as individuals re-emerge one by one from "The Portal" to surprise the singles and to gauge if love is on the horizon. Things get a little dicey and often cutthroat as the singles dive deep into the throes of dating -- selectively probing each option in a twisted game of fate and roulette, as they decide whether to continue dating one person over the other, or go back to "The Portal" to see who is up to bat for their love next.

Amazon Prime's "The One That Got Away" dating series where singles explore people from their past who may have been overlooked for love.Used Courtesy of: Prime Video

"This is a concept my friends and I coined a while ago called a 'circle back'," said Nigel Sydnor, one of the lucky singles from the show. "You didn't know who was going to come through that portal or what their intent was. However, I was excited to see who would come and who would want to date me and be a part of my future."

Allyssa Anderson was one of the more controversial cast members who shook up the scene and was determined not to leave without finding her person. Despite some backlash from viewers on her "sharp tongue", the professional model has a slight hint of regret post-filming on how cutthroat she appeared on the show.

"The One That Got Away" cast member Alyssa Anderson exploring a second chance at love.Used Courtesy of: Prime Video

"It's a mixed bag. On one hand I'm definitely proud of myself for sticking to my guns. I sent someone (Nelson) home who did not know me. A lot of people probably would've played it off and pretended to know them for the cameras, but I was there to find love and I did what had to be done," Anderson confessed. "It's definitely difficult to watch certain scenes of myself, especially with my now partner from the show. I realize looking back that I can have a very sharp tongue and that sometimes it doesn't serve me the best. Moving forward, I've definitely learned from this experience and want to spread only kindness."

As for Nigel, the former athlete failed to leave the show unscathed. When it came down to his last two dates Alicia and Desi, it was the addition of his mother as a weighted decision maker that sent the viewers into a spin. Her questionable rating system of the women and her criticisms made for an awkward experience as Nigel balanced his own desires with the opinion from the woman who knows him best.

Nigel Sydnor, cast member of Prime Video's "The One That Got Away".Used Courtesy of: Prime Video

"When it came down to Alicia meeting my mom, Alicia looked a little bit different than the girls that I normally date, so my mom was originally taken back," Sydnor said. "When you think about having a handful of experiences and being able to date maybe just two or three times before even meeting my mom -- there were questions that my mom [had]. She wanted to make sure...was Alicia a rush decision or was Alicia the right decision, and I think that is what was portrayed in that scene."

Nigel eventually chose Desi, who was coined as a "business partner" on the show and who had a one-up on Alicia by already knowing his mother. Desi repeatedly professed her love for Nigel on screen, and not only as her friend but as a potential mate. Since the show wrapped, viewers are on pins and needles to know whether the pair are still together.

"Unfortunately after the show we took some time...[and] learned a lot about each other," Sydnor dished. "We came up that we're much better as friends. Differences aside, we're probably better just going out to have a drink instead of trying to start a family together."

However, not all is lost for the Los Angeles resident. He's dating again and appears to be happy with the new woman in his life. "Yes, I am seeing someone. I'm really happy," Sydnor said. "I've found someone and I've been able to apply the intent that I've learned from the show to my current relationship. I think that when it comes down to intent...it's really just understanding what you want, and being unapologetic about it, and not settling for anything less. I found someone that I feel fulfilled with and I'm extremely happy."

As for Allyssa who received a promise ring from her match Adam at the end, the Houston native dishes that things are still going strong. She's eased up the pressure on marriage and babies to truly focus on building a firm foundation with her "forever person."

"We're going at our own pace. We didn't want anything to be gimmicky," Anderson said. "We wanted the basis of our relationship to be about getting to know each other, rooting each other in support, holding each other down and just always being there for those moments. We've been traveling all over the world together in pursuit of our dreams and it it's been an incredible journey."

And as for any singles who may be contemplating getting that "old thing back" or whether there was truly one that got away, Allyssa has some simple advice. "During this experience, we did not have our phones, so we didn't have a lot of distractions," she said. "We were able to just be with the individual that we were dating. It gave me the opportunity to really dive deep into what I was really feeling and whether I really liked the person. I think you should focus when you're dating and definitely don't give up. Maybe don't call somebody you're dating a 'gnome'...but definitely don't give up."

Watch the full interview with cast members Nigel Sydnor and Allyssa Anderson here.

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