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Following Health Scare, Dallas Singer Kyee Takes 'No Days Off': Launches EP to Much Success

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DFW is the home to many musical greats: Erykah Badu, Leon Bridges, and many other notables to name a few. Rising up the ranks is a talented young artist – an undeniable singer and songwriter sensation, who goes by the name of Kyee. Just fresh off of the release of her 5-song EP, “No Days Off”, the sultry R&B singer is gaining steam and on her way to becoming one of the hottest voices to emerge from the Dallas area, with many already saying, “We knew her when…”

Dallas R&B/Pop Singer KyeeUsed Courtesy of Kyee

A natural born singer, Kyee emerged from a musical family. The Oakland native recalls being a “tap dancing duo” with her twin sister at the tender age of eight – singing Ella Fitzgerald and performing alongside her grandfather who staked his roots in theater, singing and dancing, all the while fostering the young talent at his side.

“He would just take us everywhere and put us in stuff,” Kyee said. “And my Grandma, well, we call her Grammy – she’s a jazz singer. We would go see her at these clubs late at night and she’d sing ‘Fever’ with these long gloves. She is such a huge inspiration and influence for me.”

Drawing not only from her Grammy’s prowess but also the musical geniuses of Chaka Khan, Sade, Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill, the self-proclaimed drama queen (who recently opened for Erykah Badu at the 2021 TBAAL Riverfront Jazz Festival) is a bright, beaming young star who’s definitely on the rise.

It wasn’t too long ago, however, that an unexpected health scare threatened the trajectory of her career. At the end of 2016, Kyee went under the knife – but to the one place she needed to protect the most – her vocal cords.

“I couldn’t speak for about eight months…and I couldn’t sing for a year and a half,” she reminisced. “So in rebuilding, I decided to work with a performance trainer and I saw a speech therapist as well. Going through the process I was questioning if I was even capable or intelligent enough. That’s how much it crushed me to lose something that was all I ever knew, and to have it stripped away. So in those moments, even in uncertainty…I just kept getting up.”
Dallas R&B/Pop Singer KyeeUsed Courtesy of Kyee

Fast forward to a successful recovery and the new and noticeable changes to her vocal abilities, such as a higher range, and less of her former, raspy drawl. “It was an adjustment to hear a new sound but I’m getting used to it,” Kyee said.

With a fresh outlook on life and her career, the R&B crooner never stopped working. Putting pen to paper during the midst of the pandemic, she gave birth to her latest EP, “No Days Off”, on September 2, 2021 – an album inspired by love and relationships during these times, and the choices couples have to either “feel stuck in love” or to work at creating the dynamics one desires.

“The story of ‘No Days Off’ is of you feeling like you’re stuck in love. We have the choice to command our space and the choice to demand more. 'No Days Off' is essentially the mindset of making a choice and being all in.”

Co-created with L.A. producer Sean2Miles, “No Days Off” showcases Kyee’s airy vocals, with a warm and soulful delivery. Featuring five new tracks from “Stuck in Love” to “Down” to the title track “No Days Off”, it is undeniable that this is only the beginning for the colorfully creative artist. With celebratory praise by Gospel Artist Jessica Reedy and many other music industry guests who attended her album release party, Kyee is more than just one to watch – she’s one to listen to, one to grow with, and one to behold.

“I want us all to continue going on this journey of enjoying life, living freely and love,” she claimed. And to this type of mantra and charge, we will proudly aspire to take “no days off”.

For more on Kyee, her new music and more, visit KyeeMusic.com. The artist can also be followed on Instagram at @kyeemusic.

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