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Banneky.com Seeks Diversity in Tech, Esports & Gaming: Links with Microsoft & Warner Bros. for 'Find Your Seat' June 26

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Dallas mom Erica Mollett, as the CEO of Banneky.com (an education tech platform for middle and high school students), desires many things for her two African-American teen sons, however, equity ranks high on her list. Specifically, the tech founder seeks to create diversity in industries where her sons often play and are frequently entertained: Esports and Gaming. As the pandemic increased their engagement within these close-knit communities, so did the opportunity for discussions and strategic partnerships -- encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion within STEM-related fields, so that everyone could feel as if they belonged.

"As a Dallas suburb mom of two African-American teen boys, the Esports and entertainment industries have been heroes for their emotional well-being," Mollett discussed. "The pandemic separated them from friends and classmates, and national racial tensions forced them to question their place in the world. Gaming not only offered community, but it also inspired diverse youth to innovate in areas like building gaming computers at home and becoming content creators on Youtube, Twitch and TikTok."

Banneky.com will present "Find Your Seat: In Tech, Esports & Entertainment" in partnership with Microsoft and Warner Bros. June 26Banneky.com

As the Founder of Banneky.com, Mollett went straight to work to further these initiatives -- partnering with both Microsoft and Warner Bros. for a one-of-a-kind, six-hour, online event for students on June 26th entitled "FIND YOUR SEAT: In Tech, Esports & Entertainment". The live-streamed event will be the ultimate high-energy experience with influencer-led panels, live coding and opportunities to get involved, also emphasizing on family fun themes and the new A.I. innovation utilized by the upcoming film: Space Jam: A New Legacy, in theaters and on HBO Max July 16.

"Our team is excited to partner with entertainment execs, tech innovators, and Esports influencers to inspire the next generation of diverse talent to find their seat in tech, Esports and entertainment," Mollett said.

Banneky.com Founder and CEO, Erica MollettUsed Courtesy of: Banneky.com

Even more exciting are the guest appearances of gaming superstars Aerial Powers, FaZe Blaze, FaZe Swagg, and Sceptic at the upcoming FIND YOUR SEAT event. Microsoft developers, Esposure reps, game producers and content creators will head up the rest of the dream team, channeling this event as one where students can interact with gaming professionals, learn career and industry insights, plus code in real time.

While her sons and many others light the fire for Banneky.com, the FIND YOUR SEAT experience is just the beginning of many initiatives that Mollett and her team plan to present to underrepresented audiences. As time progresses, Banneky.com will seek to diversify the talent pipelines in STEM careers by fueling kid-produced content, and by also inspiring students to follow their creative passions in these tech-focused pathways.

If it takes a little Space Jam, gaming, FaZe Clan and entertainment to do it, then the Banneky Squad (and Mollett) will do it -- by any means necessary.

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