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Orlando Real Estate Guru Noelle Randall and Others Tackle Women and Wealth in New 'Millionaire Within Her' Docuseries

Leah Frazier

“The only difference between a wealthy woman and a poor woman -- is [that] the wealthy woman believed she deserved it.”

These are the words of Kine Corder, the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, and one of the many multi-millionaire women featured in the new online docuseries, "Millionaire Within Her". The 9-part docuseries, hosted by celebrity entrepreneur Kristi Frank (NBC's Season #1 of "The Apprentice"), was launched on Women's Wealth Day (June 8th) at 9 p.m. EST, to feature the world's leading women in a candid discussion involving worth and wealth, to empower other women on their trajectory to millions.

Nuurez, Inc. founder and latest star of "Millionaire Within Her", Noelle RandallUsed Courtesy of: Noelle Randall

Joining the ranks of celebrity appearances by Elena Cardone, Lisa Romano, Gloria Mayfield Banks and Forbes Riley, will be Orlando real estate investor and Youtube influencer, Noelle Randall. Randall, as the best selling author of "Real Estate Millionaire Secrets" and the founder of Nuurez, Inc., will star in the docuseries sharing her tips, strategies and mindset that ultimately led her from being nearly bankrupt to now owning millions.

“So many times we think the cards are stacked against us because we look this way, or we have this race or we have this gender, or this obstacle that we’ve made up -- and there are so many people that would love to see us be a success, and would love to help us,” said Noelle Randall during the "Millionaire Within Her" trailer.

Orlando based real estate investor, Noelle RandallUsed Courtesy of: Noelle Randall

Randall, who is fresh off of a $1.4 million dollar crowdfunding raise for her real estate company Nuurez, Inc., knows exactly what it's like to build a brand (and a million dollar bank account) from the bottom. The multi-faceted CEO has never shyed away from her humble beginnings in real estate -- admitting to being bankrupt and living in her parents' basement, while getting her feet wet into the wholesaling side of the industry. Now, with over 20 years under her belt and a vast real estate portfolio, Randall has made it her mission to empower others (and especially women) to design the life of their dreams, one step at a time. Some of these steps she will discuss, during her segment of the "Millionaire Within Her" series.

From reknowned business experts to stay-at-home moms turned business gurus, Randall will join the ranks of various influential women in the series, with one goal in common: to increase the power and confidence of women who desire wealth. Interested viewers are invited to access the series by heading to the "Millionaire Within Her" destination online. VIP viewers will gain special access to not only the episodes, but also to live coaching and Q&A sessions with the featured millionaires.

In the words of host Kristi Frank (and also in the actions of all of the featured leaders), “Wealth can be your new chosen destiny too.”

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