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Hasizzle, The King of Bounce's, "Wanna be Loved", music video set to premiere.

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New Orleans Bounce music has crowned its king, hailing Hasizzle as the King of Bounce with his smash hit, "Getcha Sum", being the party anthem at clubs, blocks parties, and backyard barbecues. As his musical influence begins to reach a more mainstream audience nationwide, Hasizzle is set to premiere the music video for his up and coming song, "Wanna be Loved", on Friday, January 14th.
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New Orleans Bounce music, starting in the late 1980s and known for using the "Triggaman Beat" in the '90s, has reached world wide success with a heavy roster of musical talent that started in many of the housing projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hasizzle is no exception to the hard times that many faced in the Crescent City, choosing to use his talents and genius to create unique musical beats, invoking choreomania in all who hear.

Hasizzle's journey to nation wide success started in 2003, leading to great hits likes “Bounce It Biggity Bounce It”, "Birthday Wiggle", and "Shakedown". In his daily posts on social media, he focuses on the love of God, being surrounded by positive energy, and his love for giving back.
He provides opportunities within the community of New Orleans who gave him a chance when he started out in the music industry. It takes a village.

The birth of his son in 2020, Hasan, Jr., has opened Hasizzle's eyes to proclaiming larger success, building a legacy for his family and making future music that will reach the charts internationally. His tenacity and drive is getting noticed by pioneers and legends in the Hip Hop industry like Missy Elliot, having worked with Drake in 2016, paving the way for Hasizzle to become a heavy contender in music. Make sure to watch the music video premiere of "Wanna be Loved" and be prepared to dance.

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