With a Sword and Car, You Can Create Mass Destruction - Swordcar


It's amazing what a car and a sword can do. That's where SwordCar, by developer Peter Randol, comes in.

We were ecstatic when we saw the trailer. A automobile with a sword on it was amusing. We were impressed by the game right away. How could an automobile with a sword drop this much blood? Undoubtedly one of the bloodiest games ever played.

SpaceMicroscope (aka Peter Randol) is developing SwordCar for Rogue. This preview will cover all we know about SwordCar.


SwordCar is a voxel-based drifting/racing game. The game's story isn't finished yet. In addition to drifting, you can complete goals such as killing a set number of enemies in a set time. The game's action is satisfying, with drifting psychics and dying BUSYMEN screaming.

There are several automobiles to pick from, each with its own method of cleaning the streets. Our favorite has two katanas. It looks horrific when sliced both ways (in a good way). The sword that flies from the smashed automobile is emo It's like capping a kill streak with a signature.

The game's retro arcade cel-shaded graphics add to the nostalgia. Fits the game's turbulent weather. The SwordCar's tunes are explosive and chaotic. We can observe how the developer developed the streets and cars in his film. Lastly, we wish to emphasize the developer's honesty.

Developer Peter Randol has produced a dev log on his YouTube channel Space Microscope Games that explains his entire development process. It's a great way to understand more about the game and his life throughout the pandemic. COVID-19 caused many worldwide catastrophes. Having the SwordCar is a good thing. We admired Peter Randol's honesty and humility. Always look out for someone who memes their troubles. Great to see the game grow from scratch.

Unique to VoxPop, SwordCar is a fantastic game. The "Made For" definitive edition indie game developer program continues to introduce amazing games to VoxPop's platform offerings, and SwordCar is one to watch for sure. They are focusing on up and coming developers, content creators, and building ties with amazing new indie publishers.

Again, we're excited for more SwordCar upgrades and new features! Join Peter Randol's Patreon to play SwordCar. It's always nice to see gamers backing independent developers. How do you like the game? Sword-wielding car? It's impossible not to be insane. Crazy in the greatest way!

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