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Season 12 of Apex Legends has officially begun in all regions, and with Apex Legends having recently reached its highest level of activity on Steam in history, it's safe to say the game is in a good place right now.

Bangalore now has several fresh new tasks to perform inside the game, and we'll go through what players will need to do in order to fulfill them in the next section.

How to Complete the Apex Legends 'Scout of Action' Challenge

They are part of Bangalore's plot objectives, and we've seen them in the past, and we're certain that we'll see more of them in the near future as the story progresses.

Fundamentally, all of these issues revolve around shooting and striking objects in rapid succession, which happens to be Bangalore's natural habitat.

As a result, in order to achieve this challenge, players will need to load into the Firing Range as Bangalore and get the G7 Scout from the Firing Range.

Once you've completed this, you'll need to hit 35 Blue Targets in under a minute, which may seem like a daunting task at first, but isn't that difficult once you get into it!

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What Are Apex Legends’ Scout of Action Rewards?

Players that finish the Apex Legends Scout of Action task or assignment will be rewarded in two distinct ways depending on their level of achievement. For example, the Living With It transaction loading page is one of them. You may take use of a new loading screen in between scenes. Additionally, you will obtain a Scout of Action Tracker, which will assist you in displaying your accomplishments.

Essentially, this implies that you may attempt the task numerous times in order to achieve a higher score that you can be proud of. To put it another way, don't be afraid to repeat the task as many times as necessary until you get a satisfying result for yourself.

Once you've completed this task, as well as the other objectives in Chapter 1, you'll be able to go on to Chapter 2: The Taste of Loss, where you'll be able to collect even more prizes and continue your story progression.

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