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Taylor Rene Parker: Trial of woman accused of murdering pregnant friend to steal baby reaches closing arguments

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Taylor Rene Parker is closer to learning her fate after the defense and prosecution rested their cases at Thursday’s hearing, reports TXK Today.

The defense called no witnesses during this phase of the trial before a jury of six men and six women, TXK Today says.

Parker, 29-years-old, is accused of murdering 21-year-old Regan Michelle Simmons-Hancock and her unborn child in October 2020 before taking the baby to pass off as her own, NBC previously reported.

Simmons-Hancock was seven and a half months pregnant when her killer stabbed her over 100 times, cut her open to steal her baby, and left her for dead in her New Boston, Texas home on October 9, 2020, People Magazine reported.

Gruesome crime scene photos shocked the court room while crime scene analyst Marc Sillivan called it the worst he’d ever seen, TXK Today says.

Parker allegedly tried to incapacitate Hancock with a jar of sand from Hancock’s wedding, a hammer, and other objects, and used a scalpel to cut the baby from the womb, and it was later found in her neck during the autopsy, TXK Today says.
Taylor Rene ParkerBi-State Detention Center

The Hancocks had taped recent three-dimensional sonogram photos of the baby to the side of their fridge, TXK Today adds.

After a hysterectomy in 2015, Parker, already a mother of two, was unable to have anymore children, TXK Today says. According to witnesses, Parker allegedly bragged about inheriting a fortune and could offer large amounts of money to potential surrogate mothers, TXK Today says.

She apparently even asked her own mother for her uterus, TXK Today states, citing a notice filed by the state. A previous NBC report outlined how Parker allegedly disguised herself to look pregnant for ten months, faked ultrasounds, threw a gender-reveal party, and posted about it all over social media as she hunted for a victim from whom to steal a baby, all because she convinced her boyfriend, Wade Griffin, that she was pregnant.

Parker allegedly used fake emails and phone numbers to keep Griffin believing her elaborate lies about money, her family, and the pregnancy, also driving a wedge between him and his family, TXK Today says.

TXK Today states that Parker spent the days before the attack on Hancock allegedly lingering near pregnancy-related stores and clinics, appearing harmless to women she hunted as victims while wearing a fake belly she bought off the internet.

After allegedly murdering Hancock in her home, Parker took the baby and fled, leaving Hancock’s three-year-old daughter in the house, hiding in a bedroom, before Hancock’s mother arrived to check on Regan, TXK Today says.

Parker allegedly drove with the baby in her lap, and when stopped by a state trooper, claimed she had given birth on the roadway and the baby wasn’t breathing, NBC reported.

The baby died later at the hospital, where medical staff confirmed Parker hadn’t given birth, TXK Today adds.

Parker is currently being held at the Bowie County jail while waiting to find out if she will be convicted of capital murder, potentially facing the death penalty, TXK Today says.

If found guilty, TXK Today states that testimony may be given during the punishment phase of the trial about Parker’s other alleged criminal conduct and her behavior while in prison for the last two years.

TXK Today reports that closing arguments will ensue on Monday.

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