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Taylor Rene Parker: Frantic 911 calls and multiple witnesses testify on day 7 of horrific murder trial

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Jessica Brooks walked into a scene no mother ever should on the morning of October 9, 2020: her beloved daughter, who was pregnant, covered in blood on the floor, dead, and the baby ripped from the womb, missing, according to court testimony as reported by the Texarkana Gazette.

On the seventh day of the trial against the woman accused of murdering 21-year-old mother-to-be Reagan Simmons-Hancock, Brooks’ frantic 911 call was played for the courtroom, the Gazette says.

“It is going to be very graphic, and I need everyone in the courtroom to remain composed. If you need to leave, this is the time,” Judge John Tidwell warned the courtroom, after which the Gazette reports that several people left the room, including family members of the victim before the hysterical 911 call was played.

“Someone murdered my daughter. She's dead, she's dead ... help me, she's dead,” Brooks screamed into the phone when the dispatcher, Katie Jimenez, answered the call, the Gazette says.

Shortly after 10 a.m., Brooks stopped by the home when Homer Hancock, the victim’s husband, told her he couldn’t get a hold of his wife, the Gazette says.

People Magazine previously reported after obtaining court documents that Hancock’s killer stabbed her over 100 times, cut her open to steal her baby, and left her for dead in her New Boston, Texas home.

Several witnesses testified during Wednesday’s hearing, the Gazette reports, including Homer Hancock, who told the courtroom that he and his wife married on Sept. 21, 2019, and that Parker took their engagement and wedding photos.

Homer confirmed the baby was a girl, as he and Reagan discovered in early 2020, and the baby’s name was to be Braxlynn Sage, he tearfully told the court, the Gazette says.

Homer described how he got home on October 8 between 7:15 and 7:30, while Reagan was making dinner, which they then sat down to eat together, the Gazette says.

He said Reagan and Parker were “somewhat friends”, and that Parker was supposed to come over that night, adding that she had even given Reagan a baby gift, the Gazette says.

When Parker came over, she and Reagan chatted at the kitchen table, moving to the bedroom until Homer decided to go to bed, the Gazette says.

Shortly after 7 a.m., Homer received a text message from Reagan’s phone, and told the prosecutor that it didn’t sound like his wife, according to the Gazette.

“It was not the way she talked,” Homer told the prosecutor.

He sent his wife a message that said “I love you”, to which she never responded, the Gazette says.

He headed home from Texarkana after several phone calls to Reagan went unanswered, and a neighbor called to tell him the couple’s dog was outside, after which Homer said he began calling people to help look for his wife, according to the Gazette.

Yellow crime scene tape surrounded his home by the time he arrived, his mother-in-law already having discovered Reagan’s body and reporting it, the Gazette says.

Jimenez also took Parker’s call at 9:36 that same morning, which was also played for the jury, the Gazette says.
Taylor Rene ParkerBi-State Detention Center

“I have a state trooper behind me, and I'm going to need an ambulance because I started having my baby. I need an ambulance to get to Idabel ... that's where my doctor is. I'm parked on the side of the road,” Parker said on the call, according to the Gazette.

Texas Department of Transportation Trooper Lee Shavers told the court that he pulled Parker over as she was speeding and driving erratically, describing how the black 2009 Toyota Corolla nearly hit a truck, crossed the double yellow lines before swerving to the shoulder and almost hitting a man on bicycle, the Gazette says.

He explained that as he walked to the car after stopping it, he could “hear a female voice on a 911 call”, the Gazette reports.

“I asked her what's wrong and I could see on her lap a newborn baby, umbilical cord attached to the baby's naval. She told me she had just had a baby and was trying to get to the hospital in Idabel,” Shavers said, according to the Gazette.

Footage from Shaver’s body cam was played, the Gazette reports, showing a crying Parker with a baby in her lap while Shaver could be heard saying the baby didn’t move and appeared limp.

Shavers added that he could see an umbilical cord going into Parker’s pants, and he spotted blood on Parker’s face, forehead, shirt, and shoes, the Gazette says.

A woman with a nursing degree stopped to also provide help on the scene, according to the Gazette. The nurse, Amanda Perkey, described to the court that the baby was clammy and cold, but appeared to have been cleaned since the birth, and she proceeded to perform CPR until paramedics arrived, the Gazette says.

Perkey testified that Parker told her she had been at Walmart and felt pressure, then gave birth in the car, the Gazette reports. Perkey also added that Parker at one point said “she’s all over me”, according to the Gazette.

Shavers told the court that Parker claimed the baby was “35 minutes old” and demanded go to Idabel hospital, not to the Titus County hospital where EMTs were taking her, the Gazette says.

Parker could face the death sentence or life in prison without parole if she is found guilty, NBC previously reported. The Gazette adds that the trial will continue this week.

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