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Courtney Clenney: former OnlyFans model stands by not guilty plea over boyfriend’s murder

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During a two-minute hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 31, Courtney Clenney pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder of her boyfriend, 27-year-old Christian “Toby” Obumseli, according to the Daily Mail.

Her defense attorney, Frank Prieto, entered the plea for her to Florida Judge Diana Vizcaino in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, as Clenney wasn’t present for the hearing, the Daily Mail says.

“We'll stand on our written pleadings to not guilty your honor,” Pietro said in court.

U.S. Marshals arrested 26-year-old Clenney in Hawaii on August 10, four months after the April 3 stabbing that proved fatal for Obumseli, the Daily Mail says, adding that she was formally charged after being extradited back to Miami-Dade. Clenney had entered rehab in Hawaii for substance abuse problems, the Daily Mail says.
Courtney ClenneyHawaii Police Department

On April 3, police responded to the luxury high-rise apartment the couple shared to find Obumseli suffering from a stab wound, and rushed him to the trauma center of Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he died, Oxygen reported last month.

Clenney claimed she stabbed Obumseli in self-defense when he pinned her to the wall by her neck, saying she went to the kitchen, grabbed the knife, and threw it at him from ten feet away, CBS reported previously.

CBS also reported that the medical examiner found that the fatal stab wound inflicted was more consistent with a “downward” thrust of a knife.

According to Fox News, Clenney was allegedly on the phone with her mother at the time of the stabbing, which sliced his subclavian artery.

A photo went viral after the murder, showing Clenney covered in blood on her balcony and wearing handcuffs, Fox says, adding that Miami police let her go that night without pressing charges.

A few days later, she was spotted having drinks with her father at a hotel bar, Fox reports. This and the delay in her arrest sparked outrage, with Obumseli’s family blaming her privilege as a wealthy white woman, Fox says.

Despite her self-defense claim, prosecutors call Clenney the “aggressor” for the duration of her troubled two-year relationship with Obumseli which was littered with domestic violence claims and constant fighting overheard by neighbors, Fox says.

The defense is seeking to limit the release of evidence, worried about “adult” photos and videos that could potentially surface due to Clenney’s “lifestyle”, the Daily Mail says.

“It is anticipated that most, if not all of the adult content and sexually explicit materials are irrelevant to the State's case-in-chief. Courtney Clenney should be judged by the admissible evidence (subject to judicial scrutiny) and not on her lifestyle choices,” Pietro wrote in a filing to the court, according to the Daily Mail.

The defense wanted to exhume Obumseli’s corpse in order to find evidence to corroborate Clenney’s story, but the victim’s family has objected, saying it would go against their religious beliefs to do so, the Daily Mail says.

The family’s attorney, Larry Handfield, has called this “an act of desperation”, the Daily Mail adds.

In a statement, Obumseli’s family said he “was extremely compassionate with a desire always to uplift those around him,” the Daily Mail reports.

“That someone's selfish act ripped Christian away from this world. It is not enough to say we are shocked and hurting - we are utterly devastated.

“His murder leaves many unanswered questions and creates a void that can never be fixed or filled. Not even with time,” the family’s statement continued.

Clenney’s next court appearance is schedule for September 6.

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