Courtney Clenney: OnlyFans model accused of stabbing boyfriend denied bond

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An OnlyFans model accused of murder has been denied bond and will remain incarcerated before her trial, according to Oxygen.

Courtney Clenney went from having two million followers on social media to being arrested for allegedly murdering her boyfriend in what prosecutors describe as a tumultuous relationship, CBS reports.

On April 3, police responded to the luxury high-rise apartment the couple shared to find 27-year-old Christian “Toby” Obumseli suffering from a stab wound, and rushed him to the trauma center of Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he died, Oxygen says.

Clenney’s defense attorney, Frank Prieto, stands by her self-defense claim, while Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle called their relationship “extremely tempestuous and combative” after Clenney’s August 11 arrest, CBS reported.
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A short but troubled relationship

Clenney and Obumseli dated for two years; a relationship that started in November 2020, littered with domestic violence claims and security reports of frequent loud arguments between them, Rundle said, according to CBS.

Rundle added that neighbors in the building the couple moved into in January 2022 claimed that tenants two floors above the apartment could hear Clenney and Obumseli, and had complained about the noise, CBS says. Oxygen reports that the couple had moved from Texas to Florida in early 2022.

In a video taken in February 2022, shown by Rundle, Clenney is seen shoving and hitting Obumseli in the apartment building elevator, CBS says.

CBS cites the arrest warrant to state that Clenney had been charged in July 2021 with domestic battery against Obumseli in a Las Vegas hotel.

In March 2022, Clenney kicked Obumseli out of the apartment, though he returned on April 1, only for police to be called there later that day to find Clenney allegedly intoxicated, CBS says. Prieto claims Clenney kicked him out on claims of domestic abuse, CBS reports.

Quoting the arrest warrant again, CBS states that domestic violence had happened “on both sides” of the relationship. However, CBS also points out that Obemsuli’s family protests this.

“We have no cause to believe that this was a case of self-defense. Toby was raised with a, by a very strong family with strong morals, strong values, he does not come from that,” Karen Egbuna, Obemsuli’s cousin, told CBS.

The murder

Obumseli’s final day appeared just like any other, according to Rundle in the CBS report. On April 3 at 1:15 p.m., he left the apartment in One Paraiso, an expensive, luxury condo in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood, and returned with sandwiches for him and Clenney at 4:33 p.m., CBS says.

Within that next half hour, Clenney allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death, according to CBS. She called her mother at 4:43 for a conversation that lasted six minutes, then again for seven minutes at 4:49, CBS says.

She called 911 at 4:57 to report that Obumseli had been stabbed, while neighbors reported a disturbance to the building management and security also called 911, CBS says.

Rundle described how Obumseli could be heard in the background of Clenney’s 911 call, claiming he was dying and losing feeling in his arm, CBS says. Clenney, according to Rundle, can also be heard saying “I’m so sorry”, CBS states.

The arrest warrant via CBS says Clenney clung to Obumseli’s body when police arrived, and he later died of his injuries in the hospital.

Clenney allegedly claimed to police that Obumseli grabbed her by the throat and shoved her against a wall, after which she ran to the kitchen, grabbed the knife, and threw it at him from about ten feet away, CBS says.

Rundle disputed this, pointing out that police found no evidence Clenney had been harmed, CBS says. The medical examiner, according to Rundle, also disputed Clenney’s account, reporting that the fatal injury inflicted was more consistent with a “downward” strike of a knife, not a throw, CBS says.

The chief medical examiner for Miami-Dade County determined that Obumseli died from a three-inch stab wound to the chest, CBS reports.

Clenney’s mother allegedly admitted to police that she heard her daughter telling Obumseli to leave, claiming he was “lying”, but Clenney’s mother mentioned nothing about her daughter being attacked, CBS says.

The warrant disputes Clenney’s mother’s claim to investigators that she didn’t discuss Obumseli’s death with Courtney by revealing a text message sent at 5:25 p.m. from “mom” on her daughter’s phone. The message told Clenney not to speak to investigators without an attorney and made mention of “self-defense”, CBS adds.

U.S. Marshals arrested Clenney in Hawaii on August 10, Oxygen says.

Awaiting the trial

Clenney will remain in prison while her trial is scheduled, charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, Oxygen says, adding that online reports show she pleaded not guilty.

During the August 27 hearing, Clenney’s lawyers claimed the second-degree murder charge is unjustified, and that manslaughter would have been the more appropriate charge, Oxygen says.

Prieto also claims there is proof of Clenney’s injuries from the day of the murder, Oxygen reports.

“I was at the homicide unit and I have photographs of her bruising. So I think that pursuant to Franks vs. Delaware, Your Honor, can in fact reevaluate the probable cause if you excised those portions of the arrest affidavit,” Prieto told the court, according to Oxygen.

The judge ordered the defense to file a motion with its complaints, Oxygen says.

Pietro claimed back in April that Clenney is seeking professional help to process the trauma from the night of Obumseli’s death, and called their relationship complicated, according to CBS.

“It was clearly a toxic relationship, (they) had their ups and downs and, unfortunately, it culminated with his death,” Pietro said.

In an August 11 statement, Rundle was adamant that this death never needed to happen.

“The violent and toxic two-year relationship of these individuals did not have to end in tragedy with Christian’s murder as a victim of domestic violence. No personal relationship should ever involve domestic violence. Make no mistake about it, domestic violence is a crime, and no one should tolerate it,” Rundle said after Clenney’s arrest.

Clenney went by Courtney Tailer on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts, CBS says. YahooNews reported that her OnlyFans account was deactivated last week. She is currently being held in a Miami-Dad County Jail, with an evidentiary hearing on Sept. 6, according to Oxygen.

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