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One charge dropped against Kaitlin Armstrong, new details emerge about Mo Wilson's murder

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One of the charges against Kaitlin Armstrong has been dismissed by a federal judge, Canadian Cycling Magazine (CCM) reports.

The charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution has been dropped, Canadian Cycling Magazine says. Los Angeles trial attorney Neama Rahmani told Fox News on Friday that dismissing the second charge is standard procedure, since prosecutors want to first pursue the more pressing murder charge against Armstrong, CCM says.

Armstrong had access to $450,000 and had been attending a gun range to learn how to shoot a firearm, according to Fox News, who obtained court documents.
Kaitlin Armstrong, before (left) and after (right) altering her appearance on the run.US Marshals, Travis County Sheriff's Office

Armstrong, 34-years-old, is charged with the first-degree murder of 25-year-old pro-cyclist Mo Wilson after a May 11 shooting that left Wilson dead in her friend’s residence in Austin, Texas, according to the affidavit released in May.

In what is being deemed a love triangle gone wrong, Wilson and Armstrong had both been romantically involved with professional cyclist, 35-year-old Colin Strickland, the affidavit states. Strickland and Wilson dated briefly in October 2021, while he and Armstrong had broken up, though the relationship ended and Strickland went back to Armstrong, the affidavit says.

Now, court documents reveal new details about the murder, Fox News says. Police found Wilson dead on the bathroom floor in her friend’s home with at least three bullet wounds: two the head and one to the chest that police say happened while she was laying on the floor, according to Fox News. She had an exit wound on her back, with a bullet and chipped tile beneath her, Fox News adds.

Other injuries included lacerations on her right finger and under her chin, Fox News says. Police also found shell casings labeled “9mm JAG” at the scene, according to the court documents.

Strickland told police that Armstrong had been visiting a gun range with her sister to learn how to shoot a gun he bought her between December 2021 and January 2022, court documents say. Armstrong allegedly discovered Strickland and Wilson were apparently carrying on an affair in January 2022, at which time she told a friend she was so angry she could kill Wilson, according to the original affidavit.

Strickland told police he had given Armstrong $450,000 as capital investment, though she never returned the money when he asked her to do so before she fled Texas on May 14, Fox News reports.

Armstrong flew from Houston to New York City, then was caught on camera footage being dropped off at the international airport in Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Marshals said.

Homeland Security matched the name they suspected Armstrong of using to a name on a passport for a May 18 flight from Newark, NJ to Costa Rica, CNN reported earlier this month. From there, they scoured through security footage to find and identify Armstrong, CNN added.

After that, U.S. Marshals contacted police in Costa Rica, who then found Armstrong at a hostel, then detained her for using a fake passport to enter the enter the country, an immigration violation, CNN reported.

Before Armstrong fled, police found more than one passport in her purse on May 12, when they seized her two cell phones, Fox News says. Authorities confirmed she used someone else’s passport to flee the country, Fox News reports.

The owner of the hostel where Armstrong stayed also found passports belonging to her and her sister in her lock box, according to an Inside Edition report from last week.

When Costa Rica officials arrested Armstrong, she’d cut her hair to shoulder-length and dyed it brown, Deputy Marshal Brandon Filla told CNN on June 30. Armstrong had bruising under her eyes and bandaging on her nose from a surfing accident, Filla told KXAN.

While in Costa Rica, Armstrong attended yoga classes to “better her profession to teach a specific type of yoga,” Filla told KXAN.

Armstrong is being held on a $3.5 million bail and is awaiting trial, CNN said.

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