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Colin Strickland has fled Texas, friend says

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A friend close to pro-cyclist Colin Strickland has revealed to the Daily Mail that Strickland has fled Texas, and gone into hiding until police have caught his girlfriend and accused killer, Kaitlin Armstrong.

Thirty-five-year-old yoga teacher and realtor Kaitlin Marie Armstrong went on the run on May 13, accused of shooting to death another pro-cyclist and Strickland’s former lover, 24-year-old Moriah “Mo” Wilson, according to the arrest warrant issued.

Armstrong was spotted on security footage in the Houston airport, U.S. Marshals reported, and was later spotted in a New York airport on video on May 14. They have reported no sightings of her since.

Police questioned her about Wilson’s murder after bringing her in on an unrelated warrant, which was deemed invalid, so they released Armstrong, only for her to flee, Austin police revealed.
U.S. Marshalls believe this is Armstrong before boarding a flight to New York.U.S. Marshals

Now, Strickland’s friend David has told the Daily Mail that Strickland has “got out of Dodge completely” out of fear he may be Armstrong’s next victim.

“None of us can sleep. He’s staying out of sight until she’s caught. I do know where he is but I’m not mentioning where for his safety,” David said, adding that Strickland is no longer in Texas.

The arrest warrant for Armstrong, charged with first-degree murder, went out on May 17, giving her a four-day head start on the multiple law enforcement agencies now hunting for her, police say. U.S. Marshals previously reported that they thought she remained in the Austin area because of her connections.

The Daily Mail discussed Armstrong’s history with David, who didn’t reveal his last name. He says he has known Strickland for 17 years, and Armstrong for one, but that her behaviour raised no red flags.

According to David, Armstrong worked at the business owned by David and Strickland, Wheelhouse Mobile, where they revamped vintage trailers. David said that Armstrong “was our accounts payable manager for our business and set up the website and things like that.”

“Before the murder, the person I knew was a really sweet and nice human that was trying to make her dream in this world, whatever that was,” David told the Daily Mail.

He added that Armstrong always “kept busy” and gave no hints at any homicidal capabilities. In fact, he said she had trained as a real estate agent after the Covid-19 pandemic brought her yoga teaching career to a standstill and that she owned three rental properties. David said she “could have retired at 34 if she wanted to.”

“With this girl, there was not one red flag. Not one. No rage, drama, nothing. Nothing showed out over the last year and that tells me that there’s something buried so deep that Mo being in town lit the wick to everything that was suppressed prior to that,” David said to the Daily Mail.

A few more details come to light

Kaitlin Armstrong was born and raised in Livonia, Michigan and moved to Santa Monica, California, in her early twenties, according to the Daily Mail. In 2017, she relocated to Austin, Texas, to live with her sister, the paper said.

David told the Daily Mail that Armstrong had said her mother was an alcoholic and she spent her life trying not to be like her. Her brother allegedly also struggled with addiction issues, she told David, and she wanted to help put him on the right path. David mentioned they discussed bringing her brother into the trailer business to work and get him away from bad influences.

Armstrong and Strickland met three years ago, according to the warrant. Strickland is a professional cyclist who had sponsors from Red Bull and Rapha. He told police that while she was also an avid cyclist, it was a hobby to her, while he was a professional. He also said that she couldn’t keep up with him, and that she “holds him back” when riding with him.

Strickland and Wilson struck up a brief romantic relationship when he and Armstrong split up in October 2021, he told police, noting that he and Armstrong resumed their relationship after. In a statement, Strickland said he and Wilson were “professional and platonic.” Wilson’s family also said she wasn’t in a romantic relationship at the time of her death.

But an anonymous source told police that Armstrong discovered they were carrying on an affair in January 2022. The friend described Armstrong’s rage and how she claimed she wanted to kill Wilson, according to the arrest warrant. Another source told police that Strickland and Armstrong’s relationship was “on again, off again” over the three years they were together.

The Daily Mail reports that Armstrong was tracking both Strickland and Wilson through the cycling app Strava. It shows routes of cyclists and runners. David told the Daily Mail that he urged Strickland to delete the app after the murder.
U.S. Marshals

Strickland told police he picked up Wilson the night of the murder at 5:45 pm. According to the warrant, they went swimming and had dinner. Then he dropped her off at 8:30 pm on his motorcycle. Wilson, from San Francisco, was staying with a friend while in Austin for an upcoming race, the warrant stated.

The friend said she had an electronic lock and had given Wilson a unique code, which verified her return at 8:36 pm. Strickland said he told Armstrong his phone was dead, and he had been dropping off flowers to a friend.

At 8:37 pm, the arrest warrant states that Armstrong’s black 2012 Jeep Cherokee was seen driving in front of the friend’s residence on a neighbor’s security camera. Police say none of the neighbors heard any gunshots, but Wilson’s friend called police at 9:36 pm, according to the Daily Mail, upon returning home to find her shot dead. Nothing was missing except for Wilson’s bike, according to the arrest warrant.

The neighbour told the Daily Mail that Armstrong had also been seen on camera riding a bike in the same area.

Ballistics have linked Armstrong’s gun to the crime, police say. The arrest warrant said Strickland had bought two guns; one for him, one for Armstrong. Both weapons were in the home when police searched the residence, according to the warrant.

Armstrong’s father spoke to the media, saying he doesn’t think she did this, and the crime leaves “many unanswered questions.”

Armstrong is described by Marshals as a five foot, eight inch tall, 125-pound white woman with hazel eyes and brown hair. Tips can be sent to the U.S. Marshals Service Communication Center at 1-800-336-0102 or using the USMS Tips app. Alternatively, tips are being accepted by the Capital Area Crime Stoppers at 1-800-893-8477.

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