Traveling during COVID? Here's Some Tips and Things you Need to Buy Ahead of Your Trip

Lauren Wax

After a year of not seeing some of my friends and family, I decided it was time to take a trip to Florida. Many of my peers have traveled throughout COVID and all said it has been a pleasant, safe experience, but I was still super anxious about it.

Masks and antibacterial wipes are obvious at this point, but here are some things that will keep you safe (or at least make you feel safe) and make your travel experience more enjoyable. Yes, I know I look ridiculous.

Face Shield

There are tons of shields on amazon, but this one is from Beautyblender! It was made for makeup artists, but I loved the pink accents, and it was super easy to disinfect after the flight.

$10 at

Portable Neck Fan

There are debates if fans are allowed or not allowed on planes. The flight attendant saw me using this and didn't say anything. Masks and shields definitely heat up your body, so this neck fan definitely helps keep you cool while you're in-flight.

$12.99 at

Lymphatic Drainage Leggings

Their L'Original signature leggings have gradient compression and unique MicroPerle™ beads that stimulate lymphatic flow and boost circulation. My legs have never felt this good after a flight. They are pricey, but so worth it. They also offer tons of referral and promo codes where you can get $30 off. Email me and I'll share my code with you!

$189.99 at

Cincha Luggage Belt

You will want to breeze through that airport as quickly as possible. If you are traveling with a carry-on and a tote bag this belt strap safely fastens both pieces of luggage to eachother.

$30 at

Wireless Headphones

As much as I love watching TV/movies on the plane, for my recent flight, I made sure to not even think about it. Plugging your headphones into the airplane TV means you'll have to touch the armrest remote or TV. Listening to your music or a podcast through your phone is the way to go to limit your germ spread. These are my favorite wireless headphones from Jabra Elite.

$149.00 at

Safe travels!

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