OCCHS Holds Annual Awards Day

Lauren Kendall

Obion County, TN- Obion County Central High School held their Annual Awards Day for the 2021-2022 school year on May the 11th. One student from each class offered at OCCHS is selected to receive the Academic Award. OCCHS currently offers 108 courses for their students.

The award winners, and the classes for which they have received the award in, are listed below. Congratulations to all award winners!

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Language Arts: (Front Row, Left to Right) English 9; Heather Bartley, Advanced English 9; Gavin Wheelis, English 10; John Micheal Bryan, Advanced English 10; Katelyn Price, English 11 and Spanish 2; Braden Galbraith, Advanced English 11; Alex Carpenter. (Back Row, Left to Right) English 12; Josie Gurien, Dual Enrollment English 12; Rachel Cochrum, AAD English; Summer Parson (not present), Spanish 1; Elly Webb, ACT Prep; Ashlynn Bennett, Yearbook; Ally Pounds.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Mathematics: (Front Row, Left to Right) Algebra 1; Shea Gomes, Advanced Algebra 1; Jose Ramirez, Algebra 1-A/B; Lucas Morgan, AAD Algebra; Jason Hood (not present), Algebra 2; Hailey Jackson, Advanced Algebra 2; Emma Heathcott, Geometry; Brandon Bishop. (Back Row, Left to Right) Advanced Geometry; London Huggins, Geometry 1-A/B; Sam Bardin, AAD Geometry; Ethan Hodge (not present), Bridge Math (Sails); Gage Everage, AAD Applied Math; Grant Laster (not Present), Dual Enrollment College Algebra; Annabella Wooten, Dual Enrollment Statistics; Harly Gantt, Dual Enrollment Calculus; Amilia Simmons, DE Statistics and College Algebra; Rachel Cochrum.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Science: (Front Row, Left to Right) Physical Science; Holly Williams, Advanced Physical Science; Kaden Ross, AAD Physical Science; Grant Everage (not present), Biology 1; Lilly Anderson, Advanced Biology; Allie Lamb, AAD Biology; Tony Blue (not present). (Back Row, Left to Right) Dual Enrollment Biology; Lilly Breeden, Chemistry 1; Braden Galbraith, AP Chemistry; Jill Caldwell, Advanced Chemistry; Tessa Bishop.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

History: (Front Row, Left to Right) World History; Lily Elkins, AAD World History; Elizabeth Hively (not present), U.S. History; Ashton Lewis, AAD US History; Trent Gammons (not present), AP Human Geography; Jacob Cochran, AAD Geography; Dylan Jackson (not present), AP U.S. History; Bryson Dunn. (Back Row, Left to Right) Government; Eli Jowers, Economics & Teaching as a Profession Practicum; Harly Gantt, AAD Economics; Johnathan Proffitt (not present).

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Elective and CTE Classes: (Front Row, Left to Right) Driver's Education; Landon Caksackkar, Agriscience; Gracie Martin, Environmental Science; Gage Everage, Small Animal Science; Gage Everage, Large Animal Science; Kylie Hutchinson, Plant and Soil Science; Brian James, Veterinary Science; Emma Jo Adams. (Back Row, Left to Right) Greenhouse; Colton Shaw, Landscape Design; Harly Gantt, AG Business DC; Alexus Hooper, Fundamentals of Teaching; Ella Cagle, Teaching as a Profession 1; Aaliyah McKnight, Teaching as a Profession Practicum; Avery Wildharber.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Elective and CTE Classes: (Front Row, Left to Right) Principles of Transition; Timothy Isbell, Intro to Human Studies; Amilia Simmons, Culinary Arts 1; Amilia Simmons, Culinary Arts 2; Annabella Wooten, Culinary Arts 3; Maribel Smith, Culinary Practicum; Ravelyn Sellers, Medical Therapeutics; Gracie Patterson. (Back Row, Left to Right) Diagnostic Medicine; Allie Lamb, Medical Terminology/Rehabilitation; Bryliegh, Bone Anatomy & Physiology; Rachel Cochrum, Nursing Education; Kaylee Roberts, Medical Certifications; Christian Opilka.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Elective and CTE Classes: (Front Row, Left to Right) Criminal Justice 1; Emma Heathcott, Criminal Justice 2; Haylea Johnson, Criminal Justice 3; Shaylee Bonsness, Maintenance and Light Repair 1; Dustin Bentley, Maintenance and Light Repair 2; Pacey Gammons, Maintenance and Light Repair 3; Michael Scrivner. (Back Row, Left to Right) Maintenance and Light Repair 4; Jace Autry, Fundamentals of Construction; Ethan Smith, Construction 1; Aiden Yarbro, Construction 2; Jacob Daniel (not pictured), Principles of Manufacturing; Nick Jolley, Construction Practicum; Clay Sawyer, Welding 1; Saul Aguilera, Welding 2; Ethan Burke.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Elective and CTE Classes: (Front Row, Left to Right) Cosmetology; Tiffanie English, Aviation 2; Nadia Warner, Aviation 3 and Mechatronics 1; Ashton Lewis, Computer Science Principles; Gracie Martin, Coding 1; Morgan Stover. (Back Row, Left to Right) Digital Electronics; Jesse Warren, Mechatronics 2; Chris Baker, Wellness/Health; Bryson Warren, Physical Education; Hunter Hall.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Elective and CTE Classes: (Front Row, Left to Right) Art 1; Rubi Maldanado, Art 2; Emily Sawyer, Art 3; Andrea Jimenez, AP Art; Annabella Wooten, Band; Emmalee Foster. (Back Row, Left to Right) Vocal Music; Tyreke Jenkins, Piano Keyboarding; Braden Galbraith, Theater; Madison Bixler, Health Sciences Education; Katelyn Price.

OCCHS Awards Day 2022Lauren Kendall

Left to Right: AAD Biology; Tony Blue, AAD Geography; Dylan Jackson, AAD World History; Elizabeth Hively, Principles of Transition; Timothy Isbell, AAD Algebra; Jason Hood.

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