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Breaking: Tennessee flag with swastika found in Nashville

Lauren Barton

BREAKING NEWS -- March 2, 2023
Photo byThe Tennessee Holler / @Dwight02253890

A large Tennessee flag with a swastika in the middle was found hanging on the Chesnut St. bridge in Nashville, TN. The sign reportedly thanked Governor Bill Lee for "tirelessly working to fight trannies and fags" and "we must secure a future for white children."

The Tennessee Holler, an "audience-supported progressive news site with a series of active social media feeds that seek to amplify voices throughout Tennessee and YELL THE TRUTH about what’s really happening" within the state tweeted about the finding, saying:

UPDATE — INBOX: NASHVILLE folks tell us they took down the NAZI SIGN hung on the Chestnut St. bridge, which thanked @GovBillLee for "tirelessly working to fight trannies and fags" adding "we must secure a future for white children". How proud you must be, Guv.

The finding comes just days after the governor endorsed House Bill 30 (which bans "male or female impersonators" from performing on public property) and was found to have dressed as a woman himself in a 1977 Franklin High yearbook photo.

Just days after criminalizing drag in Tennessee, Bill Lee was confronted with a 1977 Franklin High yearbook photo in which the governor wore drag. The photo--as confirmed by Lee's spokesperson--is, in fact, of the governor in 1977; however, the spokesperson referred to it as a "lighthearted school tradition," saying: "The bill specifically protects children from obscene, sexualized entertainment, and any attempt to conflate this serious issue with lighthearted school traditions is dishonest and disrespectful to Tennessee families" (Business Insider).

The transphobic bill has received worldwide hate, and The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee said in a public statement that the bill is “a malicious attempt to remove LGBTQ people from public life."

It is alleged that the Tennessee-swastika flag has already been torn down by the same people who found it.

More details to come at a later date.

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