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Pie - A Local Must Visit

Laura Marshall

Pie is life. It’s a feeling. When you take a bite and look at your friend, saying just one word, “Dude!“ (Girl!) (What?) Insert yours here.

It’s grandma’s kitchen. It’s warm flaky crust and cold ice cream. It’s fresh fruit simmered down to basic elements. Gooey and naturally sweet with just a hint of added ingredients.

It’s nature and cooking skills beyond this world to synergistically create emotion and memories. Crust and filling and crust. The perfect sandwich. And so, can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pie is poetry and love. Artistry when done in its truest and best form. Don’t believe me?

Visit The Baked Pie Company in Arden, North Carolina.

What is pie to you? You can read about an experience or you can live it. It’s not just food. It’s a memory relived then remade. Use your five senses and get some pie.

This reviewer recommends the honey pecan if you are a pecan pie lover. It’s like pulling a recliner up next to your local bee farmer and, while you relax, they drizzle fresh honey from the hive onto your dessert.

Decadent, visceral, and the epitome of comforting sweetness.
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Try a flight (3 pieces of your choice pie + a scoop of ice cream), best shared with a friend.

Gamble and see what’s left in the case the later it gets in the day or plan your excursion around their daily menu. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM at 4 Long Shoals Road, Arden, North Carolina 28704

Don’t get me started on the atmosphere. One word … cozy. Check them out then come back and tell of your experience in the comments.

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