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Getting Social in Asheville

Laura Marshall

One can't wander far outside their front door without stumbling into a newcomer to the area. Many people, in the wake of the pandemic, have relocated to their "someday I'll live there" cities.

Without networks or social connections, most are coming out of the COVID years looking to establish friendships.

Not only is online dating hot right now, but so is the social group platform Meetup, which is celebrating its 20th year! The app is free and user-friendly. During the height of the pandemic, groups hosted virtual events, but now most are connecting in person!

Todd Speidell, local group organizer, shares his thoughts, “Meetup provides a casual, natural way to meet people over common interests. For example, my AVL Middle-Aged Social Group is kind of an alternative to online dating! Most of its members are single, but we meet and talk in an informal setting with other people and with no romantic expectations.“

He continues, “My other two groups, AVL Social Introverts and AVL Personality Types, meet with a common interest to understand how psychological typology helps us understand ourselves and others. While we're unique individuals, we also share certain patterns with others (e.g., I'm an INTJ, which loves this kind of helpful analysis). So people who attend these two groups say that they've become more aware of their personal and interpersonal tendencies and thus more free (not less!) to become a healthier version of themselves. We practice what I call 'distant socializing', meeting outdoors and practice 'physical distancing' according to our various comfort levels."

As Todd mentions, you can narrow your search by interests, hobbies, or professions and start searching:

Newcomers to the area

30-40 Year Old Social Fun

50 and Up Beer Drinkers

Hiking Asheville

And the list goes on and on.

RSVP to a Meetup. Casual conversation is the norm so don’t feel shy.

Let the friendships commence. Your new city of Asheville will soon feel like your hometown.

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Asheville, NC

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