3 Pretty Darn Compelling Reasons for Souping

Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Although souping seems to have started out as a detox diet fad, many variations have hit the media in the last few years. Is souping really hitting its climax and being deemed a false promise for losing weight? Is it really that unhealthy as a detox tool? Eh, maybe, maybe not–and here’s why.


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Sure, souping where you only include two to three vegetables and have it for seven days straight is a dieting fad, and a good way to miss out on tons of essential nutrients that can quickly put your body into an unwanted state.

I also don’t really recommend the versions where there’s no protein source by way of lean meats, fish, or beans and legumes. You still need a healthy balance of macros, no matter what your short-term goal is.

But if you seriously need a good detox, this is probably one of the safer methods of doing it.

Americans as a whole don’t eat nearly enough veggies every day! And it kinda drives me nuts when people (parents or not) think it’s ok to just sub in fruits for veggies.

The fact is that even though eating whole fruit that has fiber in it will offset most of the fructose effects, the fact still is that fruits contain fructose–which is TERRIBLE for your health! {They really should only be eaten as a treat.}

This is one of the main reasons that souping is being deemed the next ‘juicing’. Because juicing actually removes all that beneficial fiber and leaves you with the fructose and no mechanism for offsetting it in your body.

Which is why I’m all for souping as an alternative to dangerously low-calorie detox options, as well as instead of using fruit as your ‘daily veggie/fruit allowance’.

The thing is, if you actually have a variety of vegetables plus some quality protein, souping can be a Godsend for many reasons.

1: It’s a crazy easy meal option

Use a high-powered blender and whip up some tasty recipes pretty quickly and easily! Seriously!

Also, especially for those of us that do once a month meal planning (freezer meals) souping is really great! It’s already completely made up and frozen in a bag where all you have to do is literally place the ice chunk into a slow cooker and turn it on.

2: It’s unbelievably easy to get picky eaters in your house to intake more veggies that they typically turn their noses up at

If you’ve never read any of the cookbooks that sneak veggies into normal recipes, you should at least give it a gander. I don’t agree with some of the other ingredients they incorporate into the recipes (mostly sugar), but packing more veggies into unsuspecting dishes is really cool!

The way they get those veggies into the recipes is by steaming, then pureeing them and sneaking them in as the ‘water content’ ingredients. If you’re making soup, you obviously need lots of water content. So adding any kind of purees is going to get those veggies in there with no extra thought.

And consider this: If your picky eaters aren’t used to the actual flavors of certain veggies, this will slowly introduce them to the flavor profile so that you can keep trying to get them to eat what they think is new stuff.

So unless they’re super weird about textures (which can also be altered by either serving those veggies raw vs cooked) this may be the trick you need to get them to eat those veggies instead of balking and turning up their noses.

3: Bone broth and gelatin

It’s an awesome way to incorporate bone broth, and even gelatin, into your diet. Sneak it in, and you get all the unbelievable benefits while just doing your normal thing: eating dinner. (Or lunch.)

Bone broth (whether chicken or beef) has tons of essential minerals in it, and gelatin is known for its amino acids profile, promoting healthy skin, helping to repair digestion, and even easing joint pain. Any soup is fair game for adding bone broth and/or gelatin to it, but they're especially delicious to toss in proteins and chopped veggies for different cuisine flavors.

So whether you need a good safe detox or are just dealing with picky eaters, a darn good soup recipe really can save the day.

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