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Finding Local Honey Sources in Montgomery, Texas

Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Undoubtedly you've heard the benefits of raw honey. Not only is the natural sweetener delicious, but it also has been used for thousands of years as a wound disinfectant, a salve for burns, to alleviate sore throats and coughs, as well as many other ailments. It also has been used to help with seasonal allergies and to balance blood sugar levels in diabetics. The specific type of carbohydrate it contains has been shown to help with digestive bacteria levels as well.

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No doubt the benefits are numerous and probably still not totally discovered. Which is why so many are now using honey nearly daily. Montgomery is definitely one of those places, as local raw honey stands can be found down almost any given highway in the county.

But what's even more fun than supporting the local highway sellers is seeing the actual businesses where the magic happens. And since Montgomery is far enough outside the Houston metro area, into a rural area teeming with wildlife and gorgeous flora, honey bees are plentiful and happy.

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm is one of those magnificent local honey producers. Not only do they have a fantastic product every year, but they also produce the rare but sought-after South Texas Huajilla honey. Bee Wilde produces this type honey by actually relocating some of their hives to the areas where the huajilla flower grows. As amazing as this specialty honey tastes, if there's a bad year due to drought, the honey sadly can't be produced.

Fuller Farm

Fuller Farm is located on the north side of Montgomery and skirts the Sam Houston National Forest. This amazing operation has apiaries that you can visit and prides themselves in doing beekeeping classes locally, as well as offering bees to purchase to start your own hive, honey (obviously), and also does bee removal.

The farm grows several different herbs and produce seasonally and can also do bee demos for groups, which makes it a super fun interactive experience to visit as a field trip.

Blue Ribbon Honey

Moving outside of the city of Montgomery, but still within Montgomery County is Blue Ribbon Honey, located in Conroe. Blue Ribbon's delicious honey is amazing in flavor, and they offer a really fun option to have your custom bottling for events like weddings, parties, or other events.

They believe in offering beekeeping classes to educate the local community--especially if anyone is serious about starting their own hive. But Blue Ribbon is also an excellent place to secure pure beeswax for those holistic crafters that want only natural products in their candles, soap, or hand-crafted toiletry items.

Whitman Farms

Another gorgeous honey farm in Conroe is Whitman Farms Honey House. Apart from wanting to hang out in their farmhouse style storefront to just decompress, they offer honey, beeswax for crafting, beeswax candles and lotion bars, and bee pollen. Ronnie is super passionate about saving the bees, and their products are nearly always at the Grogran Mills Farmer's Market if you can't make it to the farm.

What's so incredibly commendable about these honey producers is that really do believe in supporting local farmers and small businesses above big chain stores that can wreak havoc on those local small businesses' abilities to survive. This holds true especially during and after COVID.

For that reason, most of the honey producers will ONLY sell to local stores as distribution points, such as Texas Honey Distributors, and advertise that on their sites.

This helps keep honey accessible to those who either can't or don't want to travel far to get their supply of local honey, or even those with serious allergies to bees who would be endangering themselves going to the actual apiary.

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Montgomery, TX

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