How to make your own coconut soy wax candle

Latoya Delbridge

Okay, if your a candle addict like I am, you absolutely cannot live without candles or simply go to the mall and not prance to your nearest bath and body works or Yankee candle store.

Here I'll tell you how to make a candle and the equipment you need to make a fragrant candle you'll love. In the long run, you will save a lot of money and create your very own signature candle right from home.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

Candle Formula: 11% fragrance load, this formula is needed in order to calculate how much wax you need for your candles and how much fragrance oil you need as well.

Example: 16oz(454g)=Net weight

454g/100%+11% Then..... 454/111%=(409g Wax Needed) Then...454 - 409=(45 Fragrance Oil Needed) so

45grams of Fragrance oil & 409grams of Wax for a 16 oz candle jar.

Candle making pouring pot: Melt your wax in here over double boiler or you can purchase an electric wax melter that holds larger amounts of wax.

A heat gun: this is great for reheating the candles once they are made and you find you have uneven tops of messed up candle tops. All you have to do is reheat the candle top with the heat gun and allow the candle to re-cool for smooth candle tops every time.

Infrared laser Thermometer: You need this to record the wax temperature. You don't want to pour your candles too hot or too cold.

A large spatula or spoon to stir the fragrance oil once wax is cooled just a little.

A kitchen scale: This is needed to weigh your wax before you melt it.

Napkins: your simply gonna need lots of these.

Step 2: Candle Ingredients Needed

Wax: Now I use coconut soy wax, this wax is so smooth and you will have smooth candle tops every time. But there is many kinds of wax you can purchase such as, paraffin wax, soy wax or bees wax, its your choice. Research is key.

Fragrance oil: now this is the very fun part, where you get to choose unique candle fragrances to set your candles apart and make amazing combinations. Try the flaming candle, candle science, or sixteen seventeen there are so many other amazing sites, just google candle fragrance oils and there you go.

Wicks: I use Sixteen seventeen's candle wicks because they are amazing.

Wick Stickers: I get the wick stickers from amazon, you can get 750 wicks stickers for a cheap price, its great.

Candle Jars: Websites like Jarstore or sixteen seventeen are good places to start in purchasing your candle jars. Depending on what your style is, you can get nice looking jars for a great price. If you want to order a huge shipment of jars, try alibaba.

Now that you have all your equipment and ingredients, assemble your candle, by taking the empty jars and wipe them clean of dust, take your wick stickers and apply them to the base of your candle wick, then place them in the middle of your jars, set aside.

Weigh out your solid wax in your melting pot according to your formula. Weigh the exact wax amount, then sit pot into hot water to melt the wax. After melted, put pot back on scale and weigh the fragrance oil according to your formula and there you have it.

Pour fragrant wax into your jars and sit them into a place that will cool them evenly. Cool and cure candle for a day or two, its up to you. Curing is simply letting your candle sit for two days for maximum fragrance when lit.

BOOM! you now have your own fragrant candle, share this and wow everyone!

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