Puerto Rico off the beaten path

Latoya Delbridge

The Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico has become such a vibrant tourist location, with its plethora of old Spanish structures, breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and fun beaches. What’s not to love about this vibrant island. As much as Puerto Rico has all these amazing locations there are hidden treasures lying unexplored in many corners of the city.

If you’re an adventurer with an eye for special destinations then brace yourself, let’s tell you all about Puerto Rico off the beaten path, locations which still lie nearly unexplored.

The El Charco Azul swimming hole is every local's favorite spot but it is hidden to tourists. The hole is located in the southwest hills of the city, the path takes you through the hill’s thick jungles. There is a well-carved footpath that leads you directly to where the magic lies.

sunset view. cave is located on the limestone cliffs of Arecibo, it overlooks the Rio Grande Valley, one visit to this cave will make you stand in awe of the magnificent blend of green and the sunset view.

Nature will never stop being awe-inspiring and the beautiful waters of the mosquito bio bay will always be magical no matter how many times you visit it. It is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world with thousands of microscopic mosquitoes agitated and glowing endlessly.

Mosquito BayThe Clio

You can enjoy this beautiful sight at night of course, in a boat, particularly in a clear boat. Puerto Rico has so many magnificent views, all it takes is one enthusiastic and passionate local in your corner, you’ll be surprised at the picturesque sights you’re yet to see.

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