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Have you ever walked into a store that offers state-of-the-art products and exceptional customer service but still wondered how unnoticeable it is in the market world?  

Well, presentation matters, and one of the most effective ways a business can show its brand in an eye-catching manner is by using custom-printed folders. They are ideal for all businesses regardless of how large or small they are, and they offer extensive advantages, including standing out from less creative businesses. 

However, to fully benefit from custom-printed folders, it is essential to invest time in their design. Their design should not just be ordinary and easily overlooked but rather exceptional, memorable, and a true reflection of your business.  

To achieve this, you will need some tips that can guide you throughout the whole design process. Thus, look no further, as this article will explain the five best tips to use when designing custom-printed folders for your business. 

Keep it Simple  

Simplicity is one of the design tips that easily comes out of people's mouths but is hard to adhere to. However, this should be different for you if you want to design exceptional custom printed folders  that will make you stand out from your competition.  

It would help if you kept it simple in your printed folders to allow business-oriented content like your logo and brand element to gain more attention. Moreover, the fewer features your custom-printed folder has, the easier it is to guarantee that those features are evenly balanced and that the overall design looks fantastic.  

Remember, you don't have to limit your creativity while keeping it simple. You can still include the diverse die-cut shapes in your folder printing to reinforce your designs and business brand. 

Use Your Business Logo  

Your brand logo is the visual and exclusive representation of your brand. It is the first thing that helps people recognize your brand when they see it. Therefore, the best and most imperative decision you can make when designing your custom-printed folders is to include your company logo. It will act as a vivid reminder to your customers about your company, as they can quickly identify you at first sight.   

Additionally, if you have a colorful brand logo, it is worth considering printing the logo on a white paper stock color background. Using white paper stock opens up a great range of design options that can ensure your brand logo looks vibrant and appealing. 

Add Social Media Usernames and Icons 

Nowadays, social media platforms are serving as huge marketing arenas for businesses to advertise their commodities and services. A large part of the business target audience is present in social media, and the best way for businesses to attract them is by increasing their presence and accessibility in those areas.  

Therefore, if you have accounts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube that provide information about your business, consider including the usernames and icons associated with those accounts when designing your custom-printed folders. This will allow your customers to gain a deep understanding of what your business is all about.  

Moreover, adding your available contact information either below your business logo or at the bottom of the back cover when designing your folder prints can also prove helpful. It will help your audience to easily reach you in case they have an inquiry to make and also show your audience how serious and committed you are to your brand.  

Be Mindful of the Colors 

Colors bring out life in a design as they can affect emotions and set the brand tone. Thus, it would help if you were mindful of them when designing your custom-printed folders.  

For example, you have the option to incorporate vibrant shades such as white in order to enhance the intricacy of your presentation folder. However, it is advisable to opt for a pale background color. This approach will lend your design a polished appearance that emphasizes your professionalism. 

Additionally, it provides a backdrop that can effectively accentuate the elements of the design by utilizing more contrasting colors in contrast to the background.  

Raise Your Game 

Paper stock and special finishes can take your folder design from monotonous to extra special. Small details matter in this case, as they can help elevate your printed folder to an extraordinary showpiece. If you have a simple logo, you could emboss or deboss the design. This simple touch adds a timeless class to your folder that is sure to impress.  

Additionally, applying spot varnishes to part of the design will make you stand out from your competitors. They will help create depth by highlighting the specific and essential areas of your design. Alongside these ideas, you could consider metallic foils, bright and vibrant Pantone inks, and much more. The options are endless!  


Custom printed folders are a much more cost-effective mode of advertising, especially with most businesses looking to squeeze their budgets in marketing areas. However, they must be designed in an outstanding way that immediately catches the attention of your target audience.  

By reading through and employing the five above-explained design tips, your business can create a cherry on the cake custom printed folder that will forever stick into the minds of your clients.  

Remember, a custom-printed folder acts as your business messenger; thus, you should go all out to make one that perfectly spreads your message.  


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