5 Things Everyone Should Know About Percocet


Whenever we feel any pain or major, the first step is to consider getting a painkiller to help deal with the pain. This tendency has led to creating different painkillers for households to suppress various pains associated with common conditions such as aches, migraines, injuries, etc.  

One of the most popular painkillers used by households is the Percocet. For generations, they have been the ultimate to-go-to drug for pain, hence their popularity and preferences by many. 

Even doctors prefer them as the most suitable painkillers for people with various pain conditions. Unlike other painkillers, they are quite effective when fighting pain, and the effects are likely to kick in faster and last longer.  

Due to their effectiveness, there have been cases of misuse or abuse by various people. Before taking medication, including Percocet, you should have some details about them to avoid misuse and abuse; hence, let’s dive into understanding certain factors about this drug.  

Who Can Use It 

According to reports, Percocet is one of the most abused drugs since everyone, even those with milder pains, considers it for their pains. It is difficult to come by a doctor recommending it for mild pains despite being an effective pain killer for mild to severe pains.  

Only use it when you have severe pains such as injuries, arthritis, or migraines; however, consider mild painkillers for other mild pains like headaches. 

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You can also use it when your doctor recommends it; however, you should abide by the dosage limits, i.e., the number of pills and duration of use. In case of any pain, consider guidance from the doctor. Therefore, people with arthritis, cancer, back issues, severe injuries, and other major pains can find it effective for dealing with pain.  

Percocet Chemical Composition 

One of the significant details you should know is what is contained in the drug you are consuming. This is significant to avoid consuming harmful products from the rising number of uncertified laboratories manufacturing harmful drugs. The composition is ideal for understanding its potential effects on the body, including the side effects. Percocet is part of the opioid class and may have similar effects to opioids like heroin and morphine.  

However, you should not worry about the effects since Percocet undergoes laboratory analysis and tests; hence, the effects are reduced to avoid the hard drug effects. Most of the products used in Percocet are synthesized in the lab, and the key components are hydrocodone and oxycodone, manufactured and inspected in the labs to avoid severe opioid effects. This explains why they are an effective pain killer. 

How Percocet Works 

Whenever you take a pill, expect a significant impact on your nervous system to help you deal with the pain. As an opioid, it attaches itself to the opioid receptors in the central nervous system. This helps suppress the pain by numbing the nervous, preventing the transmission of pain signals to the brain.  

Since it targets the nervous systems, the impacts are likely to be fast regardless of the source of the pain. Generally, it makes you feel good after a short while; hence, it is ideal for pains such as arthritis, which can lead to insomnia.  

Doctors will likely recommend it for pains after surgery, caesarian surgery, arthritis, cancer, and other pain-intensive treatment processes. This is because their effect on the body can last longer; however, this varies based on the dosage provided. For milder pains, doctors can prescribe a small dosage; however, for surgery and other intensive pains, a higher dosage can help in calming down.  

The Known Side Effects  

The first thought that comes to mind whenever people hear about opioids is drug addiction and other significant effects like abuse. This is not the case with Percocet; it does not lead to addiction unless you violate the dosage guidelines such as self-medication, disregarding dosage guidelines, and frequent use even for milder pains.  

Frequently using them without medical guidelines and smaller irrelevant pains will lead to addiction, just like you are likely to get addicted to other medical drugs. Overdose and frequent daily use can also lead to side effects, mainly mental issues like depression and memory issues. Other severe effects can include dehydration, cardiac issues, bone problems, constipation, etc.  

Dosage Guidelines 

The ultimate dosage guideline for Percocet depends on the expert prescription, hence the need to avoid over-the-counter Percocet for self-medication. The medical expert can advise the amount to take per day based on the nature of the pain and the medical benefit for your condition.  

Other factors such as age, body weight, and medical history will also affect your dosage or ability to use it. If you have had addiction issues in the past, you cannot use it to avoid the threat of addiction again due to the opioid effects.  

Regardless of age, kids should not use it even in lower dosages; if they do, only the doctor can admit it with supervision. If you are using other painkillers, you should not use them due to the potential effect of over-dose.  


One of the most effective painkillers can also be an addictive drug due to its opioid properties; hence, you should only use it when necessary. Buy it from reputable and certified sources, follow dosage guidelines, and do not use it when you have a history of drug addiction. Otherwise, it is one of the best painkillers for mild to severe pain.  


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