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Chicago Mayoral Election: Finalized candidate list and their missions

Lashaunta Moore

Will the city of Chicago have a new Mayor, or will Lori Lightfoot win a second term?

The political scene in Chicago has taken over the city once again, with flyers, posters, advertisements, and even emails being sent out to residents from mayoral candidates and their teams.

The 2023 election will be held on Feb. 28, and the list of people aiming to take Lori Lightfoot's spot is down to its final nine after some were disqualified or dropped out of the race. Chicago residents must choose between Kam Buckner, Chuy Garcia, Ja'Mal Green, Brandon Johnson, Sophia King, Roderick Sawyer, Paul Vallas, and Willie Wilson. Of course, they can also choose the current Mayor, whose first term has seen many ups and downs.

Many voters are still unsure who they will vote for, so here is the list of candidates and their missions.

Lori Lightfoot

"Mayor Lightfoot's mission is to keep our neighborhoods safe," is what Lightfoot's website says. Violence in the city has been a primary concern, with violent incidents happening almost every couple of hours daily. "A Safer Chicago" has been Lori Lightfoot's focus since she first ran for office, and it seems like that is the focus for this campaign run.

Chuy Garcia

Garcia's mission is to build trust within Chicago's communities and find effective strategies to help fight the city's public safety problems. According to his website, one of Garcia's plans is to "Build a modern, fully staffed, data-informed police department," which includes replacing Superintendent Brown.

Willie Wilson

"Let's rebuild Chicago together," is what Wilson's website says. Wilson's goal is to get the city "back on its feet," and he talks a lot about listening directly to citizens' needs. He's known for his free gas and grocery giveaways in 2022 that helped many struggling citizens in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Kam Buckner

"It's time to put our safety, our business, our education, our people first," is what Buckner's website says. He's from Chicago, born and raised in two of the poorest communities, and uses that as a connection to citizens. His focus is keeping communities safe and bringing the city together.

Ja'Mal Green

Green ran for Mayor before but is back to "create a brighter future for all Chicagoans, where every voice matters," according to the advocate's website. He plans to prioritize public safety, economic development, and climate change.

Brandon Johnson

Brandon's goal is to build a stronger, more connected Chicago for all residents. He wants to "make safe and vibrant neighborhoods, create affordable housing, healthcare for all, and fully-funded schools," according to his website.

Sophia King

"Sophia King believes Chicago can go further together," is what King's website says. She's an alderman who believes that a new direction for Chicago includes a Mayor who listens and leads, which she believes is her.

Roderick Sawyer

Sawyer is also an alderman who believes that, as Mayor, he could turn Chicago around. He "believes that all politics is local and remains committed to defending the community that he has lived in his entire life," according to his website.

Paul Vallas

One of Vallas' goals is to "return CPD to its core mission to serve and protect the people of Chicago," according to his website. On the site, just like the other candidates, he outlines his plans to improve Chicago.

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