How Parents Can Support Their Children This School Year

Lashaunta Moore

Students are more likely to excel in school when their parents are supportive.

On Monday (Aug. 22), CPS students grabbed their bookbags and headed to school for the first day of the new school year. With so many distractions, the one imperative thing these K-12 graders need is supportive parents.

The impact of parent engagement makes a big difference, especially in minority communities where resources are scarce. In the early 2000s, there were twice as many parents involved in local school councils than there are now. Since times have changed, studies show that children's motivation to do better in class starts at home.

Here are five ways to support your child this school year

Help your child with their homework if you see they're struggling to understand the material.

Although students learn from instructors, there are times when they still might not understand the assignment. Because it's understandable when parents are busy, take some time to help them. Also, please encourage them to go to tutors or ask the teacher for extra assistance.

Encourage them to get involved in after-school programs.

Believe it or not, many students seek parental approval to get involved at school. They'd love to join sports or things like the science crew, but they'd like to know that their parents care about them being active.

Go to their sports games, competitions, and award ceremonies.

There's nothing like seeing your parents screaming and clapping in the stands while you win your first game or receive an award. Show up and show out for your children. It'll mean a lot.

Spend quality time with your children and listen to them speak.

Of course, children should always listen to their parents, but there are times when parents should allow them to talk about their feelings. If there's an issue at school, be their ear. Also, a day together sounds joyous.

Supportive parents increase a student's determination to be better.

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