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Black Political Opinion: Fatal Choices; Ta'Kiya Young, alleged shoplifter in a Lexus, shot by police

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Ta'Kiya Young was killed on August 24, 2023, after police said she drove toward them in the parking lot of the Kroger store on Sunbury Road in Blendon Township, Ohio. Young was 21 years old and pregnant at the time of her death.

According to the police, Young was suspected of shoplifting alcohol from the store. When officers approached her car, she started the engine and drove towards them. One of the officers fired a single shot through the windshield, striking Young.


From the bodycam footage you can see that Ta'Kiya was parked in a handicap space when an officer approaches the driver side window and gives multiple instructions for her to get out the car. Ta’Kiya ignores the officers instructions.

Another officer walks in front of the car, draws his gun and echo’s the instruction for her to get out of the car. Instead, Ta’Kiya appears to begin to accelerate directly into the path of the officer standing in front of her. That officer fired a fatal shot.

The shooting has been met with protests and calls for justice. Young's family and supporters have accused the police of using excessive force with the father saying police could have just “shot her tires out.”

Who was Ta'Kiya Young?

Ta’Kiya had 2 boys and was pregnant with her third child at the time of her death. According to reports the 21 year-old had been raised by her grandmother, who at the time, had a protective order against her granddaughter Ta’Kiya.

Black Political Opinion: Fatal Choices; Pregnant alleged shoplifter driving a Lexus shot by police

Police officers are aware of the dangers posed by cars. That's why they are authorized to use deadly force to protect themselves and others if they believe they are in danger of being run over.

However, there are several reasons why a cop should never tactically stand in front of a car. It obviously puts the officer at risk of being run over. It also can escalate the situation. If a driver feels threatened or scared by a police officer standing in front of their car, they may become more aggressive.

We will never know why Ta’Kiya made the fatal choices she made that day. Why didn’t she just comply? Why didn’t the officer position himself on the side of the car?

This violent confrontation could have been avoided.

The shooting of Ta'Kiya Young is the latest police involved shooting that has reignited the debate over police brutality, excessive force. The officers are on administrative leave while an investigation is ongoing.
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