Black Political Opinion: 'State of Emergency' as social justice movement backfires causing harm in minority communities


The social justice movement that grew out of George Floyd's death has had a number of positive impacts, but it has also had some unintended consequences in minority neighborhoods.

Spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement, calls for reforms in the criminal justice system including defunding the police, ending mass incarceration, abolishment of cash bail, and the decriminalization of drugs, have had a negative impact.

Activists and organizations who were vocal proponents of defunding the police have now had to realize and reckon with the consequence of their rhetoric and actions.

One of the most significant negative consequences has been an increase in crime. There has been a spike in violent crime in many major cities. This spike has been particularly pronounced in minority neighborhoods.

Oakland NAACP blames 'Defund the Police' for rampant crime in city

The Oakland NAACP called for a state of emergency on August 4, 2023, in response to rising crime rates in the city. The NAACP blamed the rise in crime on a number of factors, including the defund the police movement, the George Soros-backed district attorney, and anti-police rhetoric.

The group called on city leaders to unite and declare a state of emergency to end what it says is Oakland's public safety crisis.

DC crime surges as Democrat councilman pleads for National Guard backup

In the wake of a recent surge in violence, Washington DC council member Trayon White has called for the deployment of the National Guard to help the district get a grip on the tide of killings.

White made the request at a news conference on Tuesday, August 8, not far from where three people were shot and killed in the Anacostia neighborhood the night before.

White said that the National Guard would provide much-needed support to the D.C. Police Department, which is understaffed and struggling to keep up with the violence.

Murders jumped 10% since 2021 in major Democrat-led US cities thanks to soft-on-crime policies: study

Black Political Opinion: 'State of Emergency' as social justice movement backfires causing harm in minority communities

Crime in America will be on the ballot in 2024. There are some key differences between the Democratic and Republican approaches to crime.

Democrats tend to focus on social programs and gun control as ways to reduce crime. They believe that poverty, racial inequality, and lack of opportunity are root causes of crime, and that addressing these issues will help to reduce crime rates.

Democrats also support stricter gun control laws, arguing that these laws will make it more difficult for criminals to obtain guns.

Republicans, on the other hand, tend to focus on law enforcement and deterrence as ways to reduce crime. They believe that criminals should be punished severely, and that this will deter others from committing crimes.

Republicans also support increased funding for law enforcement, arguing that this will help to keep communities safe.

There are a few reasons why defunding the police has backfired. First, it has led to a decrease in the number of police officers on the streets. This has made it more difficult for police to respond to crimes and to deter crime.

Second, defunding the police has made it more difficult for police to investigate crimes. This has led to a decrease in the number of arrests and prosecutions.

Third, defunding the police has created a sense of lawlessness in some communities. This may have emboldened criminals.

“Our losses over the last two years have been unprecedented,” Seattle police department spokesperson Sgt. Randy Hyserik told CNN. "Many newer officers separated from our department and moved to smaller agencies in the area, and some left law enforcement altogether. In their exit interviews, many cited the ‘defund’ movement and a lack of support from local elected officials as their reason for leaving our department, or for leaving law enforcement completely.”

There are a number of factors that may have contributed to increasing crime including the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic. However, the social justice movement itself may have also played a role.
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