Opinion: Gavin Newsom are you pro California or just anti red states?

Lashaun Turner

Twitter user asks the $64,000 question and inquiring minds want to know.

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Have you ever wondered why some politicians seem to use their twitter feeds to shame and complain what other politicians are or are not doing?

Democrat and Republican official accounts spew divisiveness and party talking points day in and day out instead of informing their constituents of what they are achieving for them.

There even seems to be some that have personal vendettas against others politicians. And, in the case of governor Gavin Newsom, he seems to be particularly fixated on Ron DeSantis, and red states.

Gavin Newsom’s Twitter feed is littered with tweets about other governors and legislation being proposed primarily outside of California. Newsom’s interests outside the state prompted one twitter user to comment- “Are you pro California or just anti red states? California has a load of issues and we elected you to lead us, not to complain about other states”.

Newsom has lobbed multiple attacks against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a possible presidential candidate, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott—both Republicans—for their positions on guns and abortion. (Fortune)

Many of Newsom’s recent tweets are on other states legislation surrounding pro-life, second amendment, crime and punishments, parental and LGBTQ rights.

Newsom also tends to attack political foes and the conservative media outlet Fox News.

A frequent target of Newsom’s attention is Florida and it's governor, Ron DeSantis. In one tweet he chimed in on legislation being considered in Florida that would make it easier for journalists to be sued. The proposal as reported by Politico would:

  • allow plaintiffs who sue media outlets for defamation to collect attorneys fees
  • add a provision to state law specifying that comments made by anonymous sources are presumed false for the purposes of defamation lawsuits
  • lower the legal threshold for a “public figure” to successfully sue for defamation
  • repeal the “journalist’s privilege” section of state law, which protects journalists from being compelled to do things like reveal the identity of sources in court, for defamation lawsuits.

Newsom tweeted, "DeSantis’ version of “freedom” means he controls what you learn, what is said, and how you express it. He is single-handedly targeting all the individual pillars of the first amendment: freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and now—freedom of the press".

In another recent tweet Newsom takes aim at the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, who has signed legislation placing restrictions on drag shows-

The twice elected democrat governor did manage a tweet recently pertaining to California's investment in it's youth:

This is especially good news to read because according to WorldPopulationReview.com, California has a pretty low literacy rate:

California's 23.1% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills make California have the lowest literacy rate of 76.9%. The state of California and the state Department of Education are being blamed and sued for the failing literacy rate, as families and students believe that they are not receiving a quality education in reading and writing.(Source)

There are pressing issues facing California the governor could address on his official twitter feed. Issues like the high poverty rate, budget deficit, homelessness and drug crises, rising violent crime and California has the highest sex trafficking rate in the country, to name a few.

We often hear the Democrats saying their accomplishments aren't being articulated via the media adequately. In fairness to Gavin Newsom, he has signed historic legislation in California such as abortion protection, transgender sanctuary, climate change initiatives that phase out gas cars and gas lawn mowers. And lets not forget he's given healthcare to undocumented immigrants.

Newsom could use his official social media accounts to share goals, accomplishments, and his opinions on what's going on in California, not just bash others and stoke division. As a native Californian who follows Newsom's feed, I too have begun to wonder at this point is he pro California or just anti red states?

Maybe he is weighing in on national topics more because he will run for President. There has been that speculation. But, he is still our governor and we have issues here too.

Other politicians are just as bad, no doubt. And, none of them should be on the taxpayers time and dime on official social media accounts engaging in divisive behavior.

And that is my Jaded opinion. What's yours? Leave comments below. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @MsLashaunTurner

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