Black Activists pull up on Texas State Capitol

Lashaun Turner

The #PullUp campaign rallied at state capitols over the weekend in an amplified call for a Black America agenda.
Texas State

Anti-Black Crime Bill

Speaker Nick Bezzel, founder of the Elmer Geronimo Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club (EGPGC) of Central Texas spoke on the lack of a comprehensive federal hate crime bill for Blacks, who are historically victims of hate crimes more than any other group, while pointing out Asian hate crime legislation was expeditiously written and passed last year.

The conversation for reparations

Making the American Dream an equitable reality demands the same U.S. government that denied wealth to Blacks restore that deferred wealth through reparations to their descendants in the form of individual cash payments in the amount that will close the Black-white racial wealth divide. - Why we need reparations for Black Americans

Bezzel advocated for restorative justice in reparations for descendants of chattel slavery while pointing out that the Capitol building they were standing in front of was built on the backs of Black slave labor.

Bezzel said (Blacks) don’t want to hear America doesn’t have the money to payout for reparations, referencing Ukraine. The United States has come up with over 50 billion to aide Ukraine in the war against Russia.


Also, during the march to the Texas Capitol there was talk of the impact that unfettered illegal immigration has on the Black community and calls to close the border could be heard during the rally.

Historically immigration has had a negative impact on the Black community.

The 1980-2000 immigrant influx, therefore, generally 'explains' about 20 to 60 percent of the decline in wages, 25 percent of the decline in employment, and about 10 percent of the rise in incarceration rates among blacks with a high school education or less. - Effects of Immigration on African-American Employment and Incarceration
“The greatest competition occurs among people at the margins of society, a multi-racial group that includes poorly educated blacks, whites and Hispanics who compete against each other and against new immigrants for low-wage, low-skill jobs,”- Illegal immigration hurts African Americans

The 2nd Amendment Unity Walk

The event is in it's 3rd year and was established for Black Americans, who are 2nd Amendment advocates, to exercise that right.

Our mission is to train Black men and women nationwide in the areas of responsible gun ownership, gun safety, and protecting our Black communities. (EGPGC)

#PullUp Texas Chapter, EGPGC, and Brooke Sinclair a local activist and Founder of By Our Blood SuperPAC, coordinated this years event which also highlighted social and economic justice issues.

The #Pullup campaign turned up in several states including Newark New Jersey, and Northern California, where reparations were a central theme.

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