Alabama inmate accuses nursing staff of withholding medical supplies

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A video starting to make the rounds on social media and #blacktwitter depicts an inmate complaining about medical mistreatment in prison.
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The video was posted to the Instagram account of the law firm Maxwell & Tillman with the caption “Alabama prison refusing to give inmate a new colostomy bag. This is heartbreaking but completely normal in our prison system”, the post said.

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump also shared the video on his official Twitter account with the note:

Nurses at an Alabama prison are reportedly refusing to give an inmate a new colostomy bag, making him wear one single bag for 3-4 days or to even wear another inmate's bag! No one deserves to have their health and safety put at risk. This matter MUST be addressed immediately! - Ben Crump

The video appears to depict a conversation between two inmates talking about one inmates frustration with the healthcare he is receiving in prison. Specifically, he voices concerns over colostomy supplies.

An inmate wearing a colostomy bag states he is being forced to wear a colostomy bag up to 3 or 4 days at a time. He says he cannot always wear the bag that long because of leakage and a bad smell and that it poses a security risk for him being around other inmates like that.

When asked why the nurses aren’t giving him more bags the inmates said the nurses say “I need to keep up with my supplies”, at which point the other inmates says wow, in exasperation.

At the end of the clip the colostomy wearing inmate sounds like he breaks down in tears over the situation.

According to Maxwell & Tillman account the prison is the Staton Correctional Facility located at 2690 Marion Spillway Road Elmore, AL 36025.

Public users commented in outrage at the perceived inhumane treatment, possible racism against a Black inmate, and expressed support with some even offering to donate supplies if that is the issue. Others cautioned not to rush to judgement against the nurses.

Without complete context of the situation, it is difficult to know if this is a supply issue, lack of patient/inmate education or something else.

The Alabama Department of Corrections was contacted for comment, they have not responded.

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