Kamala Harris accused of pandering when she talked about Collard Greens in South Carolina

Lashaun Turner

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Last week during an appearance in South Carolina at a Democratic Party event, Kamala Harris told the crowd a story about the time she walked through an airport and boarded a plane with bags of South Carolina collard greens.

Harris recalled making her way through the Charleston airport with bags of collard greens to take home to cook for her Thanksgiving.

Kamala has a way of speaking that doesn’t always resonate well in the black community. Her story about collard greens didn't hit some Twitter uses quite right.

@right_que replied If U R black and not offended by this pandering, you are part of the problem. Does she tell curry powder stories in front of Indians? Who is in the audience laughing at this “jive”. We have to show them this will no longer work. Twitter
@DjSpeccs replied All I want to know is if tangibles come with those turnip greens? So sick of these tethers speaking for foundational black Americans- Twitter
@_ZayBanks replied Jamaican and Indian cooking South Carolina collard greens? What are the odds?- Twitter


Collard greens are deeply entrenched in the meal traditions of (Foundational) Black Americans, especially in the south. Collards were one of the few vegetables that African Americans were allowed to grow for themselves and their families during slavery.

As the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, married to a Caucasian man, Twitter users seemed skeptical of Harris’s story and why she was choosing to tell it. Some accused the Vice President of all out pandering:

One twitter user wrote -she is definitely pandering ... and it will definitely work - many will vote for Clyburn simply because Kamala "SC collard greens" Harris endorses him- Twitter

Harris's visit was also seen as a nod to Jim Clyburn whose endorsement was critical for Biden in 2020. Clyburn is a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina.

Which of these 2 dishes do you think Kamala really eats? A. Collard Greens B. Chicken Curry?

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