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Opinion: BLM activist says Tempe homeless man Sean Bickings drowning was due to police violence

Lashaun Turner

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Jamaar Williams, an activist with Black Lives Matter Metro Phoenix, said "there is no question" the incident involved police violence from the Tempe officers. -Yahoo News

On May 28, 2022, Tempe police officers responded to a reported altercation between a homeless man and woman near the Elmore pedestrian bridge.

While calmly talking with police Sean Bickings decided to climb over a fence and announced he was going for a swim. He began to struggle after 30-40 yards and eventually drowned.

None of the officers on scene jumped in to try to save him and that has sparked conversation of whether the police inaction was a dereliction of their duties to protect and serve.

@vishnu_real replied on twitter- Seriously, what are we paying police for? When there is a crisis, most of them choose to stand on the sidelines and power trip against angry parents or spouses while people are dying. When will police be held accountable? -Twitter
@rsan934 on twitter replied -Imagine the two NYPD Officers during 9/11 saying I'm not going into those buildings to help anybody. Both of their efforts saved hundreds leading them down from the towers, before both were killed in the collapse. US policing has taken a turn for the worse!- Twitter
40 yards out and back with a current is a hard swim by yourself..no way a person that doesn't swim everyday could do that and pull someone back with you... no way an every day police officer could do it..you'd have 2 dead people. We just had a local father die trying to rescue his son who floated away in a tube. Son was rescued because he had the tube. Father died... You-tube user

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) reaction to Sean Bicking's drowning

"The whole reason Madrocks (Bickings) was scared is because of the threat, it was police violence," Williams said. "Police don't actually have to be exercising that violence to cause that reaction which is fear, panic, and self-survival."- Jamaar Williams

Opinion: At no point in the incident did the officers give any reason for Bicking's to be scared. They were cordial and fairly professional. Bicking's appears to know and states he is not being detained and calmly climbs over a fence and announces his swim.

I disagree with the narrative suggested by BLM and it's one that doesn't work in every police interaction, including this one. How BLM can blame violence even though there was none- is beyond me, and further diminishes the organization's credibility.

How does BLM read the mind of a deceased individual to say what he was thinking and why he acted the way he did?

Maybe it's just me but I don't see why a cop should be expected to jump in a lake to save someone. Who is to say the cop could even swim? The officer even said to him he should not be swimming in the lake. Mr. Bicking's of his own free will then went swimming.

Once again police are placed in a lose/lose situation. I keep seeing comments about police "took and oath", but when you actually read the oath it doesn't include being a lifeguard.

According to the Tempe Officers Association, officers are not trained for water rescues. These officers followed their training and went to get a boat.

The city has said it will be looking into providing life saving equipment near the water in the future to help get resources to someone quicker in the event something like this happens again.

I hate that someone lost their life but we have got to take responsibility for own actions at times also and not expect anyone in society to save us from our bad choices.

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