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Palms Place Hotel Studio Suite: 4-star view, rest of the room 3 stars or less.

Lashaun Turner

Palms Place is located within minutes from the Las Vegas Strip next to the two iconic towers of the Palms Casino Resort.
-View From 26308-:Lashaun Turner--:

The Hotel

The (condominium) hotel consists of studio and 1-bedroom suites. The studio suite for this review is 615 square feet and features a full kitchen, 9-foot ceilings, a whirlpool bathtub, and hardwood flooring.

Condominiums at this property are owned and operated by different entities, therefore, quality, décor and service standards may vary.

Palms Place exterior-:Lashaun Turner--:

The hotel was easily located at 4381 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. There is free self-parking and valet to hotel guests.

I arrived well before the 3pm check-in time and was accommodated quickly into room 26308. Bell desk staff brought a luggage cart and assisted me to the room.

Palms Place Hotel Studio Suite Kitchen

Kitchen features include refrigerator & freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and a two-burner cooktop stove.

There is a small double stacked refrigerator which is odd because the top one has slots in it like it used to be a wet bar. The one below doesn’t offer a lot of room and it has a very small freezer component. If you intend to stay for a week and bring all your food like I did, you may have a food storage issue, especially frozen foods.

Unlike other condo hotel rooms I had rented in Las Vegas previously, this one did not have pots, pans, dishes, or silverware already in the unit. In the cabinets were 2 small glasses and 2 small cups. And below the sink was a trashcan, small bottle of liquid detergent and a sponge.
Palms Place Kitchen-;Lashaun Turner--:

I found out the second day that all the dishware could be requested from housekeeping. It would have been nice to receive an overview of how things worked at check-in or a brochure but nothing like that was given.

There is a slider counter space that seats 2 and when moved gives access to the dishwasher. The 2 chairs at the table counter were uncomfortably sloped and it felt like you could slip out of them if you weren’t careful.

Palms Place Hotel Studio Suite Bathroom

The spacious bathroom featured a rainfall shower, whirlpool tub and a television. A small bar of hand soap, lotion and conditioner were provided. There was also a hair dryer in a drawer.

I did not utilize the whirlpool tub. One thing to know about these condo hotel rooms is that there are no ADA handicap compliant rooms. No bars in the bathroom etc. For that reason, the whirlpool was off limits for me personally. I did look at it and inside the jets looked fairly clean.

The rainfall shower was very relaxing. The water got hot fast and stayed hot during long showers. The only problem was that the water was not contained in the shower unit and seeped out onto the bathroom floor making it very slippery and hazardous when exiting the shower.

Although the bathroom overall was nice, if you looked closely there were some stains on the walls & floor, dirty grout between the tiles and calcium buildup on the shower heads.

The first time I used the sink the water barely drained. It took a good minute or so. At times during the night, I could hear loud bubbling in the plumbing. It was kind of annoying.

Palms Place Hotel Studio Suite Bedroom/Living Area

The king-sized mattress sat on a low foundation. The bed was one of the worst I’ve slept on in Las Vegas. It was uneven with pockets & dips- it felt like I was laying on box springs directly. The pillows were thick and heavy. The sheets were scratchy.
Studio Suite Bed-:Lashaun Turner--:

Next to the bed on either side were nightstands with low lighting lamps. I did not see any USB ports but there was one outlet near the bed.

The living space has a sleeper sofa. The sofa was uncomfortably hard to sit on and low to the ground. I had guests over and when one of them went to sit down I heard her make the same remarks.

The cushion covers had a couple small stains. I went to turn one over to hide a stain and found a worse one on the other side.
Palms Studio Suite-:Lashaun Turner--:

The hardwood floors extend from kitchen and throughout most of the living space, except a small patch of carpeting under the sofa and coffee table.

There are two wall-mounted 42-inch televisions, one to watch from the bed and one to watch from the sofa. It’s a bit odd because the space is not that big. I guess if you don’t want to have to turn your head any to watch television if you’re in bed or the other, you can look straight ahead at the television in your line of sight. There were two remotes but only one worked.
Two Televisions in the room-::Lashaun Turner--:

Palms Place Hotel Studio Suite Strip View

You can rent either a mountain view or a strip view. The view from this suite was very nice, however, the balcony is not accessible I was told for safety reasons. So, you can look out from your room, but you cannot go out onto it’s balcony. And there are no other windows or exits.

You will pay extra, in my case about $30 more per day for the view. It was still worth it but the window looking out and the glass barrier of the balcony were dirty and did detract from the viewing experience just a little.
Filthy Balcony Glass Palms Place Hotel-:Lashaun Turner--:

Final Impression

I personally would not stay in this room, hotel, again. Things were generally very dusty, dank, and outdated. At the price-point, access to the best feature, the balcony, would have been nice.
wear and tear Palms Place Hotel-::Lashaun Turner--:

For some reason the phone kept ringing with no one on the line and I had to call the front desk to get that to stop.

The free Wi-Fi was spotty. It would cost an additional $9.99/day to upgrade it. The room was not very technologically updated. Lack of USB charging, no casting to the TV or radio etc.

Unlike the service at check-in, when I was ready to check out, I called the bell desk twice and the front desk but was not able to get hold of anyone to help with my luggage. I ended up struggling with it myself as I was tired of waiting for someone to answer. Check out was done via cell phone.

The room was not senior or handicap friendly.

You can stay at a more updated condo hotel in Las Vegas for about the same price.

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