Opinion: Open borders are the new vehicle for slave labor in this country.


President Biden said in his State of the Union that we need more immigration to fill jobs.

-Image of migrants at the Southern Border-:U.S Border Patrol Facebook Page-:

"Revise our laws so businesses have the workers they need and families don’t wait decades to reunite," Biden said. "It’s not only the right thing to do — it’s the economically smart thing to do." -Joe Biden

Living through unfettered illegal immigration in California

I was born and raised in Southern California I am 57 years old. I can remember when the elites and politicians in the state decided to essentially open the border with Mexico to illegal immigration.

I remember when every Home Depot and Lowes would have hundreds of workers standing out in front at dawn waiting to be picked up as day laborers? Some would come over just for a day or two, or to complete months long job projects. Many eventually stayed (undocumented).

I can tell you that the rich and their circles used these immigrants almost like slave labor. Yes indeed. The lawns were manicured, the houses were cleaned, and the nanny’s and cooks added to their affluent lifestyles. The laborers-built houses and communities they would never be able to afford to live in.

I remember that companies overlooked laws and hired them over American citizens. When my own teenage high school children were trying to get fast food jobs, warehouse jobs, etc.

My kids would tell me they were in group interviews with those who couldn’t even speak English (at all). The non-English speakers would get all the cook and busboy jobs- always.

My own children (one who really likes to cook) were discriminated against because the companies wanted to pay the non-citizens under the table. Slave labor. I was amazed at what I was seeing.

At some point after years of discriminating against citizens it seemed our government finally made it whereas you must have proper documentation to work. Whew, that helped a bit.

But so many remained here and began to struggle. La Almanac reports between 32-37% of homeless in L.A County are Hispanic.

Latino policy and politics researchers have said this number is rising and the population is disadvantaged because of language barriers, cultural differences, and fear of interacting with legal services. Translation- they are here undocumented and have never assimilated.

Some say the immigration into California increased our economy, well sure it did. All that under the table wages made businesses and the rich prosper.

Immigration is increasingly out of step with the needs of the state's economy. Few if any new jobs are created that require only a high school degree or less, yet most immigrants are either high school dropouts or have a high school education.-Center for Immigration Studies

Mass Immigration/Migration at the Southern Border

Now we have come to a point in time in our nation with a President and Administration who seemingly by their actions want an open Southern border. Are these the workers Biden says will fill jobs?

When I look at the evolution of what occurred in California and how that might play out across the country, I feel bad for some of those coming here thinking the American dream is for them. Heck, not many actual Americans are feeling the dream right now.

Is this really the economically smart thing to do as Biden declared? Economically smart for who? Well, I guess the rich have to find a way to keep getting richer. However, for most tax-paying Americans we will be subsidizing the influx of all of those who don't turn out to be "workers" in Bidens economy.

What other impacts on society will continued mass illegal immigration/migration over the Southern border have on America? More poverty, homelessness, and public service consumption.

Legal immigration is something we all can agree on. Let's reward those who do it the right way and encourage the best and brightest to come here.

We surely can't accept whole countries of people seeking 'asylum' (Only 15% of Asylum seekers qualify according to FactCheck.org.) I don't know if Joe Biden was referring to only legal immigration in his State of the Union comments, but it sure hit me like- we need to use them to make this money and build our wealth. Reminiscent of slave labor.

As Title 42 is set to expire this week and an even larger border surge is expected.

JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade--::Lashaun Turner--:

That's my Jaded Opinion. What's yours? Leave comments below.

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