NYC/DC shooter Gerald Brevard III: Drug induced mental illness. Murder & mayhem in our streets-Opinion

Lashaun Turner
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Gerald Brevard III should never have been on the streets!

Gerald Brevard III, was arrested earlier this week accused of being a serial shooter who targeted homeless men in NYC and Washington, DC.

Brevard had struggled with drug abuse and some of his mental health concerns potentially sprang from a bad acid trip with his friends several years ago, his father told the NEW YORK POST.

Drug induced mental illness fueling murder and mayhem in our streets

Substance-induced disorders include, among other disorders, substance/medication-induced mental disorders. Substance/medication-induced mental disorders refer to depressive, anxiety, psychotic, or manic symptoms that occur as a physiological consequence of the use of substances of abuse or medications. It may occur during active use, intoxication or withdrawal - National Center for Biotechnology Information

In recent years politicians and some in the criminal justice system have supported decriminalization of drug use, which means the removal of criminal penalties for possession for personal use.

In some ways we have not only encouraged drug use, but we have also enabled it in the name of “harm reduction” to the addicted.

Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm Reduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs. -National Harm Reduction Coalition

In February the Biden administration announced its support of “harm reduction” and would be giving out $30 million worth of grant money to organizations providing the distribution of "safe smoking kits and supplies.

We are starting to feel the outcome of lenient policies. Horrible unprovoked random crimes against unsuspecting victims by drug induced mentally ill, criminals.

Citizens are starting to need a harm reduction policy to protect us against those who are just roaming the streets, committing crimes for their drugs, getting high, losing their minds, and harming innocent victims.

We are all paying the price for individuals who choose to experiment with mind bending drugs and this situation is completely out of control.

Not that we should criminalize mental illness in general, but we should expect that a criminal who is mentally ill suffer whatever consequences in terms of prison time that any other person would face.

Brevard had more than a decades long history for crimes including armed robbery, stabbing, and was convicted last year for assault and abduction.

His father told numerous outlets his son had many encounters with the criminal justice center and that it was his expectation that the “system” would have treated him.

He said his son’s mental illness was never really addressed and that “the system has failed regarding the treatment of so many.”

We do not know how many times Gerald Brevard III had been offered treatment and whether he accepted and participated in treatment opportunities. It would seem at this point he had not done so successfully.

What we do know from what has been revealed is that Gerald Brevard III was seemingly still using illicit mind-altering drugs such as acid, and menacing society with criminal acts but not being held accountable with prison time.

Social Justice or injustice?

Forced psychiatric treatment fell by the wayside because it was deemed an infringement against civil liberties and human rights.

So called “Social Justice Advocates” also do not favor incarcerating mentally ill when they commit crimes. At least not until they maim and or kill someone. Everything below that is often overlooked.

It seems no matter how you look at it the public is suffering a heavy toll for criminals who also are experiencing drug-induced mental disorders.

How many more must suffer or die before the social justice virtual signaling ends? If the system failed Brevard as his father suggests, it failed the public more.
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We all have a level of compassion but when you have a person committing multiple crimes against persons and continuing to engage in illicit drug use instead of mental health treatment-they should be locked up- an the key bent. That's my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this- leave comments below.

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