The Inland Empire (I.E) Soul Food Tour- 2021 highlights

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As 2021 comes to a close, I wanted to share some of the highlights of this years I.E Soul Food Tour.

Since the informal tour began, I’ve shared 30 plus restaurant experiences, the good-bad and ugly. Today I will be zeroing in on what delighted my taste buds and left long lasting tasty memories.

The Best Potato Salad

Everybody serves potato salad, but I specifically was impressed with Chef Al Borda’s version down at HoBo’s BBQ. It was fresh and had a nice texture with fresh cut ingredients.

The Best Baked Beans

Also, hands down Chef Al Borda’s baked beans were the best! The Beans were yummy! Made with 23 ingredients including Pulled Pork, Molasses, Brown Sugar and 4 Beans (White, Chili, Pinto & Navy Beans), very good.

The Best Macaroni & Cheese

This is another dish we ate plenty of on the tour. Cooks with inspiration from various points down South and all over, cook this side dish differently. Sharon’s Creole Kitchen was pretty close to what I’m used to and their Mac n Cheese definitely stands out in my memory.

So does the Macaroni and Cheese from AJ’s Fish Market. Their recipe was very creamy- cheesy, and the blend of cheese was different. It was very good and memorable.

The Best Fried Fish

Speaking of AJ’s Fish Market hands down some of the best fish I’ve eaten in the Inland Empire. The seasoning, the batter/coating they have down pat.

The Best Fried Chicken

I’ve realized how hard it can be to actually fry chicken. I’ve been served nearly raw-pink chicken to grey and rubbery overcooked.

Slap Yo Momma BBQ & Soulfood got it just right for me. Cooked to the perfect doneness and crispness.

The Best Collard Greens & Cornbread

A standout here for me was Felix’s BBQ with Soul. Especially the cornbread part. So many of the other restaurants served dry and crumbly cornbread as almost an afterthought.

I need my cornbread to be just right to polish off those collard greens and Felix’s definitely did that part! Felix’s also had the best candied yams.

The Best Barbeque

Tough category, but I’d have to say the top 3 would be Smokey Canyon BBQ, Texas Roadhouse, Felix’s BBQ with Soul.

The Tour

The I.E Soul Food Tour with Lashaun Turner, spotlights Restaurants that specialize in Southern Soul Food. I also share local dining experiences encompassing all types of cuisine.

What a great tour so far and I look forward to sharing more restaurant experiences in 2022. Have any suggestions for us, leave a comment below.

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