Opinion: Juvenile gang members with Illegal firearms-charge them as adults

Lashaun Turner

Riverside County Sheriffs, Moreno Valley Station arrested a pair of juveniles found with a modified fully automatic illegal handgun.

Modified Weapon Seized--:Riverside County Sheriff--:

On September 11, 2021, at approximately 6 PM, the Enforcement Team -Gang Unit conducted an occupied vehicle check at Deerfern Avenue and Deer Park Drive in the city of Moreno Valley.

During the stop deputies encountered 2 male juveniles. One of which they recognized as a documented criminal street gang member, on probation, and with a current felony warrant out for his arrest.

The other juvenile male occupant encountered by deputies it also turned out had a current felony warrant out for his arrest.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, and an unregistered firearm was located. The firearm was found to have been modified into a fully automatic illegal handgun.

Both juveniles were taken into custody for their felony warrants and booked into juvenile hall. The firearm was recovered, and the investigation is ongoing.

JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade--Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

JADED: I’m sorry, I was just going to report this as a crime story and move on. However, it dawned on me that Juvenile Hall is a slap on the wrist to these apparently hardened teenage criminals.

What teenager do you know that is running around on probation, felony warrants and allegedly in possession of modified weapons?

These two should be in the cell with BIG bubba if you ask me. Tough love scared straight or whatever you want to call it, these types deserve to be treated like adults and sentenced like adults.

It is way beyond the imagination, and should be, for anyone to advocate continued leniency in these types of cases where there is repetition in breaking laws.

George Gascon-:George Gascon Facebook Page

Some progressive District Attorneys like D.A George Gascon do not support prosecuting serial teenage criminals as adults and favor more rehabilitative approaches instead of long or any prison time.

As though this is just part of the normal growth spurt, or that these criminal juveniles were somehow discriminated against. Disadvantaged in some way or another thereby causing them to be felonious and carrying illegal firearms, but deserving leniency. Sigh.

Oh, I know, maybe they want to pay them for the gun, and pay them not to use guns in the future. Like I reported in my last Opinion:

San Francisco Will Pay $300 'Cash for Criminals' Not To Use Guns:

I think you must teach right from wrong and give serious consequences.

What's your opinion? Should these documented gang members be charged as adults? Leave a comment below.

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