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Moreno Valley World Logistics Center may create world-class traffic nightmare

Lashaun Turner
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A 2,600-acre campus equivalent to 700 football fields has received final approval by the Moreno Valley City Council.

Now that the legal wrangling seems to have ended, project plans to construct a 40.6 million square feet of buildings near the Rancho Belago area of the city, seems to be imminent.
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On their website, the developers state “this will be one of the most sustainable developments of its kind.

The project was initially announced in 2012 but was met with several legal challenges over the environmental impact report.

Citing the project’s innovative environmental design, water conservation strategies as well as its utilization of advanced technology, the developers have said they will try to ensure the upmost in environmental compatibility.

In May of this year, developers agreed to $47 Million in Solar and Electric Vehicle Upgrades.

The agreement says the developers will do certain things to offset the environmental impact including the use of electric vehicles and ensuring solar panels are in use throughout the complex.

The developers also agreed to provide up to $5 million in air filtration and noise mitigation solutions for the most impacted homes near the complex.

But what about the traffic? I think some of us remember the sheer nightmare of the 60 freeway and the 215-interchange expansion that took 3 whole years from 2011-2014.
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It was supposed to ease congestion traversing east and westbound through Moreno Valley and Riverside.

By the time they finished with all that, the population in the area had exploded and we were back at square one.

Rounding the bend at that interchange can take up to 20 minutes depending on the time of day.

We are already in need of more lanes, and this is before the massive amount of vehicle congestion that will surely ensue with the construction and ongoing operations of this logistics center.
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Moreno Valley residents seemed split on the construction of this center. Some acknowledged that jobs are needed in the area. Others expressed concerns over air quality, noise and other health impacts.

If something isn’t done about the traffic impact PRIOR to this center being operational, I fear residents are going to regret this. Either way it will be growing pains over some years to come.

Unless those electric cars and trucks can fly- it’s going to be a traffic nightmare!

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