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5-Time Award Winning HoBo’s BBQ in Temecula with Chef Al Borda. Lets Eat!

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Image of Hobos BBQ--:Courtesy of Hobos BBQ----

The Restaurant

HoBo’s BBQ has won “Best BBQ In the Inland Empire” for five years in a row and has been featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins’, & Dives” with Chef Guy Fieri.

The Restaurant and adjacent Sports Bar is located at 30590 Rancho California Rd suite c-303, in Temecula, and seats approximately 120 guests.

Hobos BBQ--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Hobos BBQ--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Inside Hobos BBQ--::Courtesy of Hobos BBQ FaceBook Page----

The Food

There are a variety of items on the menu including BBQ platters, Burgers, Sandwich’s, Flatbreads, Sides and the Chefs specialty Fusion BBQ dishes.

Hobos BBQ--::Collage Photo by Lashaun Turner Courtesy of Hobos BBQ---:

Hobos BBQ SAUCE--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Some of Hobos Sandwich's and Burgers--:Collage Photo by Lashaun Turner Courtesy of Hobos BBQ---:

Hobos BBQ FLATBREADS--::Courtesy of Hobos BBQ----

Hobos BBQ--::Collage Photo by Lashaun Turner Courtesy of Hobos BBQ---:

The Sports Bar

The bar boasts a variety of beer and upscale wine and spirits. There are numerous big screen televisions and a couple of live California Lotto stations.

Bar at Hobos BBQ Sports Bar--:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:
Hobos BBQ Sports Bar Drinks--::Courtesy of Hobos BBQ Facebook Page----
Hobos BBQ Sports Bar --::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

There's also this cool private VIP back room that can be rented out for business meetings etc.

Private lounge at Hobo BBQ--:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Executive Chef -Al Borda

Tell me about your background?

I do a lot of different things. But from the restaurant point of view, the restaurant part of my life- I've been owning restaurants and being either a chef or cook in a restaurant since I was 20.

I started off prior to that being a busboy at Baker Square in Del Mar when I was probably 14. Yeah, I wanted to be a server and I remember the mentors said you'll never be nothing more than a dishwasher. That's it. Okay, I went back to the washing dishes.

Chef Al Borda--:Courtesy of Hobos BBQ FB page----

Was that statement a motivating factor for you?

Yeah, well, you know, at the time, it didn't drive me to do anymore. I just said, okay, and I went back to doing dishes because that was my job. You know, I didn't know any better. And I didn't have that inspiration like, show him wrong.

Now, but a funny story is we have a couple of restaurants in Ohio. I'm a partner and went down there one day and I see a line of people outside and I'm like, hey what's going on?

The restaurant was hiring for a General Manager. And this is like, 12-14 years ago, maybe 16 years ago. I say can I sit in on the interview? The owner said, yeah.

So, he's doing interviews, I see this one guy. I walked up and I grabbed his paperwork. I'm looking at it. And the guy goes, oh, who are you? This is one of our partners, the owner says.

He interviews him, the guy has all the criteria, and he says, okay, I think you're a pretty good match. Then I say hey, can I say something? I don't think you'll ever be good enough to be a General Manager at one of my restaurants!

I recognized that he was the General Manager at the Bakers Square that told me I would never be any more than a dishwasher. And that was like six years ago, probably like 16 years in between. Yeah, he looked at me weird and he just kind of shook his head.

Chef Al Borda on Fusion BBQ, customer reactions, and advice to upcoming Chef's. Click To Listen!

The Experience

Plates #1&2- a sampler of Stuffed Pepper, BBQ Rib, BBQ Chicken and fresh made Coleslaw, fresh made Pickles, Mexican Corn, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Creamed Corn.

Hobos BBQ--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The BBQ Rib was flavorful and cooked well so as not to fall off the bone - but not tough either. You could eat it with or without sauce. It was just right.

I could appreciate the fact that everything was well seasoned but not overly salty.

I was completely surprised by how good the stuffed pepper was. Stuffed with Pulled Pork, and wrapped in Bacon - Flash Fried- then drizzled with Honey & Sriracha. Delicious!

Hobos BBQ stuffed peppers--::Courtesy of Hobos BBQ----

I was particularly impressed with the sides. Specifically the Potato Salad, Beans and Corn. They were on point.

Even the Coleslaw, which I don't normally eat out, was good. Fresh ingredients and not drowning in some sort of dressing. The slaw was crisp and fresh.

The Beans were yummy! Made with 23 ingredients including Pulled Pork, Molasses, Brown Sugar and 4 Beans (White, Chili, Pinto & Navy Beans), very good.

The potato salad was perfect. The Creamed Corn, - Cream - Butter - Cheese, what more can you say. Delicious!

And then THIS happened! BBQ Fusion - Chicken & Waffles

ONE Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffle cooked to perfection - BBQ Chicken (Boneless / skinless) Flash Fried Sand tossed in Hot wing sauce - topped w/ Powdered Sugar - served with Syrup.

Hobos BBQ Chicken & Waffle--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Hobos BBQ Chicken & Waffle--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Hobos BBQ Chicken & Waffle--::Courtesy of Hobos BBQ----

You know that saying " save the best for last", without a doubt Chef Al Borda DID THAT!

The smoked chicken combined with a Belgium waffle (from Belgium)- was excellent. Ding Ding Ding #Winner!

Definitely a classy experience and a delight for my taste buds all the way around. The establishment was very clean, orderly, and staff were friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Hobos BBQ MENU--::Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

For more of the menu, hours of operation, and ordering information. visit the Website.

Tell me about your experience at Hobo's BBQ. Where should I eat next? Leave comments below!

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